Cedric Gracia

Cedric Gracia’s career has graced most major disciplines of mountain bike competition. He’s best known for Downhill, 4X, and most recently Enduro, with his own team CG Racing Brigade – but he’s also succeeded in top-level Freeride and Slopestyle competitions. Gracia is applauded worldwide for his riding style, bravery, sense of fun and his individual approach to bikes, riding and racing. Gracia has won and podium’d races and series around the world. He’s respected for his technical riding skill – learned from an early age in BMX, developed in Downhill and polished in Enduro racing, where he’s perfected his line choice and balance, along with the ability to move around and off the back of the saddle through technical terrain, carrying race-winning speed through the toughest courses. Cedric Gracia has chosen fi’zi:k Monte saddles. "Just a few words to explain my beginning with my new friend the fi’zi:k Monte saddle: it might make some people laugh, but for me the saddle is really important piece of the bike,” says Cedric Gracia. “Riding Enduro with your friend or racing can be a beautiful day – or it could be one of your worst days if your saddle is not what you want. I am happy to say than my bottom has found a match with the Monte!”



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