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Tritone 5.5 Braided: Tritone is our time-trial and triathlon-specific saddle.
Its nose-less shape allows the best aerodynamic performance without adversely affecting riding comfort: in these disciplines comfort correlates directly with performance.
The extended saddle length of 24 cm makes it compliant with UCI rules for time trial races. The Tritone 5.5 Braided features a solid carbon reinforced Nylon shell adds optimal stiffness to weight together with durability and a 55mm wide front section and a maximum width of 135mm, and is best suited to riders with a short distance between their sit bones.
Noseless and lightweight, it boasts bespoke padding with an extra long K:ium alloy rail (85 mm) to perfectly fit any TT or Tri bike, and a Front Transition Hook.
Tritone also features a completely modular carriage kit: two bottle cages, CO2 canister and inflator faster and easier, and silk-screen printed silicone stripes increase the grip on the cover.
Shell: Carbon reinforced Nylon
Rail: Carbon Braided 7x9 mm
Cover: Black / Black thermowelded Microtex with grip silicon printed stripes
Lenght: 24cm - UCI legal
Carriage Kit: cage holder, CO2 charge, inflator and tube
Nose: 55 mm with Front Transition Hook
Weight: 220 gr
Widht: 140 mm
Integrated Clip System compatible
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a UCI-legal yet short design to minimise soft tissue comfort in aero position over extended periods.

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