Warranty & claims

What is your warranty policy? 

My product has a quality defect. How do I return it? 

How long do I have to wait for a warranty service? 

Do you repair or substitute damaged products? 

My saddle cover has ripped off. Could you repair it? 

How do I return part of my order? 

How do I know if my return has been accepted? 

There are items missing from my order, what do I do? 

My refund has not shown up in my bank account. What time scale should I expect?  


Where do you deliver? 

How much is shipping? 

Do I have to pay extra duties and taxes? 

What are the delivery times? 

How do I keep track of the delivery? 

How can I cancel my order? 

Can I ship parts of my order to different addresses? 

I need to send my order to an international P.O. box address. Can you ship it? 


How can I select what saddle could better suit me? 

Are there weight limits for your saddle? 

My saddle cover has ripped off. Could you repair it? 

How can I measure the anatomic center of my saddle? 

How do I fit my saddle? 

How can I set up my fi'zi:k saddle correctly? 

What are the diameters of your rails? 

What is the recommended torque for your saddles? 

How do I clean/mantain my saddle? 

Do you sell flawed products? 

I no longer find a model of saddle I was looking for on your website 

Can you produce custom saddles on request? 

I've lost my ICS clip. Could you provide me another one? 

I would like to test your saddle before the purchase. Do you offer any saddle test program?/Where is the nearest dealer in my area that offer this service? 

Is my seatpost compatible with your carbon braided rail saddles? 


What size should I order? 

I would like to test your shoes before purchasing them. What's the nearest dealer in my area where I can try them? 

What is the torque for my cleat fasteners? 

How do I clean my shoes? 

Do you offer any shoes customization system? 


How do I tape my handlebar? 

What are the differences between your bar:tape models?