Kerstin Kögler

BMC Factory Trailcrew

Talking with Kerstin Kögler

What’s your “story” – what makes you unique (including the bike or beyond the bike).

I love nature and the outdoors, and especially mountain biking, which I’ve been doing for more than 18 years. I work self-employed, but I prefer to say I’m “bike-employed”. I have long term experience in bike racing and guiding, and I’m always looking for new areas and trails to explore. I studied economics and worked in a communication agency but I quit my job five years ago – so it’s a big dream I live now.

What does cycling mean to you?

For me, biking is freedom. I love long days with my bike in the Alps. It’s such an impressive landscape, I always enjoy sharing it with other cyclists, having adventures and exploring new trails.

How do you stay focused?

I accept ups and downs as they come – nobody said that it’s going to be easy. I have a good sense of feeling with my body. When I feel great I can push myself quite hard but I don’t train when I’m tired; I know that especially when I travel, my body needs more time to recover. My basis for staying focused is to have enough sleep, eat healthily and allow enough time to my body and mind to recover. I really love to feel the power in my body and legs, to feel gravity and have fun when I play with my bike. I have quite a lot motivation, which comes from inside myself.

How do you balance your job as a professional rider with your personal life?

Finding the balance is not easy. Especially when guiding is the opposite of training and I’m tired afterwards too. So I try to do high quality exercise when I have time for it. My long term racing and training background helps me quite a lot – I raced XC/Marathon for about ten years before I switched to Enduro in 2014. Especially between March and May it’s hard to get enough time for training because I do quite a lot of bike camps, skills clinics, or events. I also run guide apprenticeships for the German Cycling Federation, I do photoshoots and videos... you can say I’m “always on the road”, but it’s the opposite of a 9 to 5 job in the office.

In a largely male-dominated sport, how important is it for you to feel feminine?

I feel feminine and yes, that’s important for me. Women can be just as brave, strong and self-confident as men in sports. I’d love to empower more women to go outside and to find confidence to ride bikes.

How important are specifically designed products for Women to your sport?

Some products I really appreciate and it’s always their function that’s important – it’s always more than just making the same gear in a pink color. E.g. smaller grips, backpacks with a shorter length or, vitally, a wider saddle. It’s important to make sure that bikes and gear are smaller and lighter to fit women.

What is your favorite fi’zi:k product you use?

For Eliminator races I used the Arione Donna, which is the perfect saddle for that kind of riding.

If you could employ one healthy nutrition tip, what would it be?

I really love ginger. It helps me especially when I travel a lot or when I’m outside for the whole day and it’s cold and wet. I try to eat a bit of it every day and when I travel I use a specific ginger drink. I had a great winter and I was not really ill – maybe it’s thanks to the ginger? I don’t have a specific diet. I listen to my body and it tells me what I need. Anyway, I try to eat fresh and healthy food, and I eat everything: fruit, yoghurt, cereals, meat, fish, eggs, coffee, milk, sugar, chocolate, cake and lots of vegetables.