Arione r3 braided

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As blue as the sea

So you’re Eddie Merckx. No, you’re Erik Zabel or Oscar Freire, right? Are you Cipo, Jaja, Cav or Spartacus? Are you the one to take on the punishing 300km of La Classicissima and not just survive it, but win it?

The very first classic race of the year celebrates the spring and a new classic races season, but no-one can be sure if it ushers in the spring weather, or retains the telling bite of winter. What we can be sure of is that the debilitating distance and the sapping Poggio will determine who is champion in Sanremo.

The champions ride for victory and for passion.

The champions ride fi’zi:k.
Shell: Composite Glass co-injected Nylon Wing FlexTM
Rail: Carbon Braided 7x9 mm
Cover: Thermowelded Microtex
Weight: 165 g
Dimensions: 300x132 mm
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