Q&A with Nathan Haas

Pro Rider - Team Dimension Data

The Aussie pro rider started the 2017 season with his new fi’zi:k R1B shoes.

You started off your season strong in Australia. What are your goals moving forward as you head to Europe?

It's always a great thing to start strong, but what makes a great rider is looking forward to the season as a whole. My biggest goals are the Ardennes Classics and racing in the 100th edition of the Giro D'Italia. The Giro is the most romantic and special of all the grand tours, and this edition is a must do!

How does the equipment you use play a part in your performance?

Equipment is a funny thing, it's not what wins you races, that’s the heart and body, but it can lose you races. Your equipment needs to match your dedication and efforts, because if it fails you, you fail! When your equipment matches your needs, it feels like you are flying, it feels like it's part of you, and only then can you express your talent.

Tell us about your weird feet (over flexible).

I've had huge issues in my career finding shoes, inner soles and cleat positions to help me feel strong and even on my bike, all because of my weird feet! They don't look strange, in fact, I'd say they're normal, until I show you how flexible they are! I can virtually roll my ankle over its self, and the flection is in all directions! My ligaments are not injured, they just are too loose, so my feet have a hard time converting the power to the pedal as they just flop around.

What are some of the races you are looking forward to the most this year?

The Ardennes are my favourite, and some of the late season one day races too, like Quebec and Montreal, but this year, it's the 100th Giro, and who would ever want to miss that!!!

Why are you excited to be a fi’zi:k sponsored athlete?

It's brilliant! I've been riding on fi’zi:k Saddles my whole career, even in my amateur years, so it's always been in my life. But now, representing the company and riding their shoes, I think it's an easy question, because everybody loves fi’zi:k!

My philosophy is that everything starts and ends with your feet, so to know you're using a shoe designed not just for comfort, but designed to be bio-mechanically suited to the needs of cycling, the outcome can only be the best.