Winter bike shoesWinter bike shoes

Winter bike shoes

Winter bike shoes


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  1. fizik tempo artica gtx goretex winter road cycling shoes
    Tempo Artica GTX
    As low as 259.00€
  2. fizik terra artica gtx gore-tex off road winter cycling shoes
    Terra Artica GTX
    As low as 259.00€
  3. Terra Clima X2
    Terra Clima X2
    As low as 250.00€
  4. Terra Artica X2
    Terra Artica X2
    As low as 280.00€
  5. fizik toe cover winter water resistant road bike
    Toe Cover
    As low as 25.00€
  6. fizik waterproof winter overshoe black
    Waterproof Winter Overshoe
    As low as 59.00€
  7. Artica X5
    Artica X5
    As low as 200.00€
  8. archived
    Artica R5
    Artica R5

8 Items

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Whether you ride roads, gravel or trails – for fitness, competition or fun – if you ride in winter, chances are you have been faced with the challenges of spinning with cold feet. At best, cold toes are a nuisance that make riding less pleasant. At worst, they can be downright dangerous. Dress for the worst of cycling’s most challenging season with winter road and off road cycling shoes from fizik.

Warmth is important when it comes to winter cycling comfort. But warmth alone isn’t enough without the proper breathability to help avoid overly sweaty, and eventually, chilly feet. To attack this challenge, fizik winter cycling shoes balance both insulation and ventilation via advanced material choice and smarter design. Of course, with winter comes plenty of unpredictable, wet weather which is why we’ve developed our Artica Series of waterproof cycling shoes, with GORE-TEX Membrane for both road and MTB, to stop wind, snow and rain in their tracks. Other fizik winter bike shoe innovations include fleece-lined uppers and foil-insulated midsoles.

Don’t hesitate to head off the grid mid-winter or about your daily routine with our all-mountain GORE-TEX cycling shoes options, also a seasonal favorite of bike messengers working in colder climes. Of course, as with any performance fizik cycling shoe, our winter road and MTB riding shoes are built around responsive outsoles, secure closure systems and supportive, comfortable silhouettes.

When winter hits its peak, rise above it with the warmth, breathability and weatherproof performance of fizik road cycling shoes with GORE-TEX Membrane. Find your perfect pair today.


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