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  1. vento argo x1 fizik gravel short nose saddle regular size
    Vento Argo X1
    As low as 179.99£
  2. vento argo x3 fizik ergonomic off road saddle regular size
    Vento Argo X3
    As low as 144.99£
  3. vento-argo-x5-fizik-1-ergonomic-off-road-saddle-regular-size
    Vento Argo X5
    As low as 99.99£
  4. fizik vento argo adaptive R1 black granfondo 3d printed saddle regular size
    Vento Argo R1 Adaptive
    As low as 299.99£
  5. fizik vento argo adaptive R3 black granfondo 3d printed saddle regular size
    Vento Argo R3 Adaptive
    As low as 259.99£
  6. Fizik Terra Argo X1 light gravel saddle 150mm regular size
    Terra Argo X1
    As low as 189.99£
  7. fizik gravel saddle terra argo X5 regular 150mm
    Terra Argo X5
    As low as 104.99£
  8. fizik gravel saddle terra argo X3 regular 150mm
    Terra Argo X3
    As low as 149.99£
  9. Tempo Aliante R1
    Tempo Aliante R1
    As low as 179.99£
  10. fizik aliante R3 most stable and ergonomic road endurance cycling saddle
    Tempo Aliante R3
    As low as 149.99£
  11. fizik tempo aliante R5 comfortable road cycling saddle
    Tempo Aliante R5
  12. fizik saddle bag road bike multi tools carrier
    Saddle Bag
    As low as 24.99£

12 Items

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Quiet country roads and the crunch of loose stones beneath spinning tires—there’s something special about escaping for an afternoon on a solo gravel ride. And then there’s the other side of gravel cycling, the fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled, all-day competitions that require both endurance and skill. But whether you choose a relaxing gravel spin, a heated race or something in between, there’s no doubt that excitement and adventure often start where the tarmac ends.

Of course, riding off paved roads requires cycling equipment that’s ready to handle the challenges of less-forgiving terrain. As the most sensitive point of contact between riders and their bikes, saddles specifically necessitate a higher level of stability as well as compliance to provide a better, smoother ride over the bumps and ruts of gravel roads. Thankfully, the fizik collection of gravel cycling saddles takes all this and more into consideration to deliver the best ride to every G-road adventure.

Starting with the shell, our gravel bike saddles are engineered to be highly compliant, offering a certain degree of flexibility and taking the buzz out of crunchy gravel roads for more comfort over greater distances. Adding strength to our ride compliant shell, fizik gravel saddles feature our Mobius closed-loop rail system, available in both Kium and S-alloy options.

Gravel saddle shape also plays a key role in performance and comfort. Our gravel cycling seats feature a shorter nose and waved profile to promote stability, even if the surface on which you ride is anything but solid. Lastly, our gravel saddles feature a unique fizik innovation: the cut-out mud guard, keeping unwanted grit and road spray off your bibs.

Plan your next gravel race or escape today with a fizik performance gravel bike saddle and fizik gravel shoes.


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