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  1. Special Edition
    fizik gravita tensor lightweight black white off road clipless shoes
    Gravita Tensor Team Edition
    As low as 189.99£
  2. Special Edition
    fizik gravita tensor lightweight black white off road flat shoes
    Gravita Tensor Flat Team Edition
    As low as 189.99£
  3. fizik shoes gravita tensor red dh armoured toe box
    Gravita Tensor
    As low as 131.24£ Regular Price 174.99£
  4. fizik gravita tensor  grey aquamarine shoes freeride flat
    Gravita Tensor Flat
    As low as 131.24£ Regular Price 174.99£
  5. fizik gravita versor black shoes freeride clipless
    Gravita Versor
    As low as 101.24£ Regular Price 134.99£
  6. fizik gravita versor grey mud shoes freeride flat
    Gravita Versor Flat
    As low as 101.24£ Regular Price 134.99£
  7. fizik 1 kit laces MTB DH shoes gravita 2021 black white
    Kit laces Gravita Tensor/Versor
    As low as 8.99£
  8. Fizik Gravita Alpaca X5 downhill saddle
    Gravita Alpaca X5
  9. gravita alpaca saddle with carrier tools kit fizik MTB
    Gravita Alpaca X5 + Alpaca Tool Carrier
    As low as 109.99£
  10. Fizik Gravita white cotton t shirt
    Gravita Tshirt
    As low as 25.99£
  11. Fizik Gravita white cotton long-sleeve shirt
    Gravita Long Sleeve
    As low as 33.99£
  12. Fizik Gravita black racing long sleeve jersey
    Gravita racing jersey
    As low as 59.99£
  13. Fizik gravita convenient secure lanyard
    Gravita lanyard
    As low as 4.99£

13 Items

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Grab your bike, point it downhill and let gravity take over. The fizik Gravita series is designed for riders that prefer to let physics do the work, those aggressive athletes who chase adrenaline over KOMs. For these adventurous cyclists, the fizik Gravita collection of downhill mountain off-road bike saddle, off-road shoes and accessories holds the answer to the specific problems posed by the toughest, steepest and most technical trails around.

Whether hiking your bike to the trailhead or catching a ride on the lift, for downhill mountain bikers, the bike saddle is an often-overlooked piece MTB equipment. Yet finding a saddle to keep up with the challenges of such a fast-paced sport is crucial. In the heat of competition, milliseconds matter and millimetres can mean the difference between staying upright and things going off the rails. That's why when it comes to fizik saddles and downhill mountain biking equipment, we know it's the details that make the difference.

Specifically designed for gravity-assisted mountain biking, our range of Gravita MTB saddles feature inspired innovations to meet the demands of downhill. Take, for example, our Mobius rail system, created for the rugged terrain and aggressive riding style found on the most treacherous of trails. The Mobius, as the name suggests, is a closed-loop layout that results in more strength and better weight distribution to eliminate the worry of snapped saddle rails on hard landings.

Other downhill-directed innovations include our Wingflex edges and smoothly contoured saddle profile, which both combine to reduce impact while the saddle acts as a point of control between a rider's legs on the way down hill and allows for a free range of inner leg movement when pedalling back up.

With the durability and design needed to attack the toughest trails, the fizik Gravita series of downhill saddles and MTB equipment is for those who know that while gravity may have the power, it's not the one in control.


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