What is your warranty policy?

Any fi'zi:k product, except consumables or articles with limited resistance, is warranted to the original purchaser to be free from defects of quality at the time of delivery for a period of two years from the date of purchase ('warranty period'). During the warranty period, and upon proof of purchase, the product will be repaired by using Selle Royal® fi'zi:k replacement or reconditioned parts, or the product will be replaced with the same or a similar item or reconditioned model within a reasonable period time. To obtain any warranty service you can contact the store where the product was purchased where some information will be asked of you to analyze your claim in detail; in both cases a copy of your sales receipt or other proof of purchase that shows the date of purchase will be requested. There will be no parts or labor charge to you for valid warranty services. Due to the possibility of damage or loss during shipping, it is recommended when sending the product for service that you package the product securely and send it insured, with a return receipt requested.
The customer shall NOT have any claim under this warranty for repair or adjustment expenses if:

1. The problem is caused by improper, rough or careless treatment:
2. The problem is caused by a fire or other natural calamity;
3. The problem is caused by improper repair or adjustment made by anyone other than fi'zi:k;
4. Maintenance requested consists of repair or replacement of options, accessories, or consumables;
5. The proof of purchase is not presented when requesting service; or
6. The warranty period has expired.

Neither this warranty nor any other warranty or guarantee, expressed or implied, including any implied warranty or condition of merchantability or of fitness for a particular purpose, shall extend beyond the warranty period. No responsibility is assumed for any incidental or consequential damages, including, without limitation, damages resulting from inaccuracy or mathematical inaccuracy of the product. Some states or jurisdictions do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts and some states or jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, or the exclusion or limitation by a party of liability for death or personal injury caused by that party’s negligence, so the above limitations or exclusions shall not apply in such cases. This warranty gives you specific rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state, jurisdiction to jurisdiction, or country to country. Nothing in this warranty affects your statutory rights.

My product has a quality defect. How do I return it?

Our products are warrantied for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase; the warranty covers manufacturing defects, not problems raised by improper use or maintenance, nor by fall or crashing.
During the warranty period and upon receipt of purchase, the product could be replaced or reconditioned within a reasonable period of time.
To obtain any warranty service you can contact the store where the product was purchased.
If you choose this option, a Quality Claim Ticket will be opened in relation of your issue. A notification mail will confirm you the correct submit.
Our technical department will then evaluate your situation and you'll receive a prompt feedback, complete with the instructions to return your product.

How long do I have to wait for a warranty service?

Usually Quality Claim Tickets are evaluated by our technical department within 7-10 days from the date you submit it. If a defective product must be returned, we'll substitute it within 10 days from the date we receive your returned product.

How do I return part of my order?

If your order consisted in more items you can return a single product.

How do I know if my return has been accepted?

We'll send you an e-mail confirming that your return has been accepted.

There are items missing from my order, what do I do?

Please fill out the Quality Control form here, specifying what you're missing.

My refund has not shown up in my bank account. What time scale should I expect?

We'll refund your purchase price in full within 10 working days after we receive your package.
Some banks and credit card providers may take longer to apply the credit to your account.


Where do you deliver?

Please refer to our index of countries and localities to which we deliver.

How much is shipping?

The cost of shipping your items is subject to where the items are sent. To know more, view our shipping charge table here.
If they are appicable, shipping costs are automatically applied to your order at checkout.

Do I have to pay extra duties and taxes?

The shipping cost varies with each shipping destination and shipping method. Duties, taxes and custom charges are included in the shipping cost added at checkout. We’ll display the price of your purchase in the currency appropriate to your country of residence: euros or US dollars. The price shown may include VAT. If your country uses another currency from the above, we’ll show the price in euros or US dollars. Our currency conversion rates here are adjusted every three months.

What are the delivery times?

All deliveries leave from our Headquarters in Pozzoleone, Vicenza, Italy.
For all orders placed on our website shipping to the international locations above, your order will be shipped using DHL International.
The estimated delivery time is 1-2 weeks for any catalogue products; 3 to 4 weeks for custom orders.
Delivery times can be affected by bad weather, strikes or other unforeseen events which we cannot predict.

How do I keep track of the delivery?

When your order ships, you’ll receive an e-mail confirmation with the tracking number(s) and estimated delivery date(s).

How can I cancel my order?

No, orders cannot be canceled after they have been placed.

Can I ship parts of my order to different addresses?

Unfortunately, we do not offer this option. You will need to place separate orders if you wish to ship items to multiple addresses.

I need to send my order to an international P.O. box address. Can you ship it?

We cannot send orders to international P.O. box addresses.


How can I select what saddle could better suit me?

Our Saddle Finder helps you to find out which fi'zi:k saddle can best suit you according to your spine flexibility and your riding position.

Are there weight limits for your saddle?

There isn't any rider weight limit on any of our products. All our products are tested according to the current international standards in use such as EN norm, which do not specify specific rider's weight.
Obviously a taller/stronger/heavier rider will put more load on the product and as consequence may reduce the fatigue life of the product. Therefore periodic checks should be made more often to inspect for any cracks or damage, and the saddle is thus likely to be replaced more often.

My saddle cover has ripped off. Could you repair it?

Since our saddles are entirely handmade in Italy we do not offer any saddle cover restoration service.

How can I measure the anatomic center of my saddle?

The anatomic center of our saddles is identified in as the point where the saddle is 75mm wide, regardless of which part of the saddle you start measuring it.

How can I set up my fi'zi:k saddle

Firstly check if your saddle height has been set up correctly with respect to your physical characteristics; saddle height is a major factor in pedaling efficiency and comfort (and avoiding injury) on the bike and there are a number of ways to set it.
Secondly, it is crucial for you to regulate your saddle level; having your saddle set at the wrong angle can cause problems. Your saddle should be at a neutral angle, so you’re sitting on the middle portion, not sliding forwards on the nose or backwards off the rear of the saddle. The best way to achieve this is to use a spirit level, positioning it from the rear to the nose, and staring with a dead-level angle and then adjusting it if required, depending on the way your ride and your most comfortable position.
This video indicates you how to correctly do this process:

What are the diameters of your rails?

The approximate diameters (nominal measurements with tolerances) of the three types of rails used on fi'zi:k saddles:

Manganese - 7mm
K:ium - 7mm
Carbon braided - 7x9mm ovalized

What is the recommended torque for your saddles?

The maximum torque we recommend for our carbon rails is 18N. However, if your seatpost supplier recommends a different torque then that becomes the limit to which you should use to mount the group seatpost/saddle.

How do I clean/mantain my saddle?

In order to obtain maximum performance from your saddle, fi'zi:k advise you to observe the following guidelines:
For proper maintenance of the saddle we recommend that you periodically clean using a cloth dampened with a little water at room temperature and a neutral detergent. Gently dry the saddle off with a soft cloth.
Do not wash with solvents.
Do not clean with pressurized liquids.
Do not wash with liquids above room temperature.
Do not use abrasive cloths.
Do not dry with heat sources, such as: direct sunlight, hairdryers or microwave ovens.

The product you have purchased has been designed and built in compliance with the laws currently in force and has undergone rigorous testing which simulates use, in order to ensure considerable longevity of use.
The product should be used only for the purpose for which it is designed, as a bicycle saddle.
Any other use from that defined above is considered improper. In this case, the warranty is void immediately.

In case of an accident or fall it is recommended that you check the saddle with your manufacturer.

Do not apply additional adhesives or paint to any part of the saddle.

Do not rest or rub against abrasive surfaces.

Do not stress with vertical loads in excess of 1000N.
The suitable temperature range for use is considered to be between -10°c and + 50°c.

Do you sell flawed products?

fi'zi:k never sell flawed products, even any products that may occasionally be offered at a discounted price.

I no longer find a model of saddle I was looking for on your website

Unfortunately it is most likely that he model you are looking for is no longer on our saddle collection. We do not sell phase-out products nor are we able to satisfy any single request.

Can you produce custom saddles on request?

We do not produce custom saddles with color combinations that falls outside those offered by our Custom system. By the same token, if a particular model of saddle is not listed within our online Custom system, that model cannot be personalized, even on request.

I've lost my ICS clip. Could you provide me another one?
I would like to test your saddle before the purchase.
Do you offer any saddle test program?
Where is the nearest dealer in my area that offer this service?

Contact our official distributor in your country. They will be able to assist you with your request.

Is my seatpost compatible with your carbon braided rail saddles?

Most seatposts currently on the market are compatible with our 7x9mm carbon rails. As a guide, all those fixing the saddle from the top to the bottom, for example Thompson Masterpiece (2 bolts).

The ones that are not compatible, are typically the types that fix the saddle from the sides.

There are 5 types of seatpost clamps represented:

Type A: Single Bolt Top-to-Bottom clamp
Type B: Twin Bolt (Front/Rear) Top-to-Bottom clamp
Type C: Twin Bolt (Right/Left) Top-to-Bottom clamp
Type D: Side-to-Side clamp (single bolt)
Type E: Hinged Rotational Clamp

Type A, B & C are typically COMPATIBLE with 7x9mm saddle rails.
Type D & E are typically NOT compatible with 7x9mm saddle rails


For types A, B and C, we do recommend you to test or get confirmation from the seatpost manufacturer that the length of the standard bolt(s) gives sufficient thread engagement when used with 7x9mm rail and that the seatpost still passes all required test/regulations. If it is not the case, longer bolts may need to be used.

For type D & E, seeing the increase usage of oversized rails in the saddle market in general (either to adapt to new materials such as carbon, or to give additional impact and/or fatigue resistance for specific usage: DH, Freeride, heavier weight riders, etc)) manufacturers of this type of seatpost have started to offer optional clamps to fit those different dimensions. Please inquire with your selected seatpost supplier to know if they do offer this option.


What size should I order?

To select your correct size, please refer to our shoe size chart.

I would like to test your shoes before purchasing them.
What's the nearest dealer in my area where I can try them?

Contact our official distributor in your country. They will surely be able to assist you with your request.

What is the torque for my cleat fasteners?

Tighten cleat fasteners the torque to values specified by your cleat manufacturer.
Make sure to check cleat fasteners before every ride for tightness. Riding these shoes with loose cleat fasteners can lead to a loss of control of the bicycle.

How do I clean my shoes?

To clean your fi'zi:k shoes, wipe clean with a damp cloth.
Do not use solvents, paint thinner or harsh chemicals.
After riding in wet conditions, stuff the shoes with newspaper to absorb moisture.
Store in shoe bag out of direct sunlight. Cool and dry storage is best to prolong the life of your shoes.
Regularly clean the buckle mechanism of debris and lubricate it with silicone type lubricant.
Regularly tighten all cleat fasteners to torque specifications specified by your pedal or cleat manufacturer.
Do not place shoes near heaters, ovens or fires to dry. Excessive heat may damage the materials and adhesives.

Do you offer any shoes customization system?

No, we do not offer any shoes customization system.


How do I tape my handlebar?

To correctly wrap your handlebar with fi'zi:k Bar:Tape we'd advise you to check out the following user guide video

What are the differences between your bar:tape models?

Our bar:tapes are categorized in three different basic models, which differ with respect to their thickness: Performance (3mm thick), Endurance (2.5mm) and Superlight (2mm).
Each type of Bar:Tape is available in further options, with respect to their different tactile characteristics: Classic and Glossy Bar:Tapes typically have smooth, plain surfaces whereas Tacky Touch tapes feature a high-grip surface for the highest frictional grip feedback right into your palm. Our Dual Touch tape technology seamlessly combines the best of both worlds to wrap you ready for every situation.
Finally, Soft Touch tapes give a more soft and comfortable feeling.


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