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  1. Sail Cloth Closing Straps
    Sail Cloth Closing Straps
    As low as 19.99$
  2. Aluminium Buckle
    Aluminium Buckle
    As low as 19.99$
  3. Winter Cycling Socks
    Winter Cycling Socks
  4. Summer Cycling Socks
    Summer Cycling Socks
  5. Heel Skid Plate M3
    Heel Skid Plate M3
    As low as 19.99$
  6. Heel Skid Plate (Pair) R3 Shoes
    Heel Skid Plate (Pair) R3 Shoes
    As low as 19.99$
  7. Heel Skid Plate (Pair) R1 Shoes
    Heel Skid Plate (Pair) R1 Shoes
    As low as 19.99$
  8. Toe Cover
    Toe Cover
    As low as 24.99$
  9. Waterproof Winter Overshoe
    Waterproof Winter Overshoe
    As low as 69.99$

17 Items

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Set Descending Direction


From road to trail and on pavement or dirt, fizik bike accessories support riders in all their two-wheeled pursuits; stay prepared wherever your ride takes you with our collection of storage solutions, lights as well as shoe and saddle accessories. Shop bike accessories online with fizik.

Providing under the saddle peace of mind, fizik storage solutions ensure that whatever unexpected obstacles you encounter on your rides, you'll be ready to take them on with ease. The longer the ride, the higher the chance of changing weather, flat tires and mechanical issues. Fizik saddle bags give riders room to plan ahead, providing secure and discreet storage options to stash what you need for roadside repairs and to head into the unknown with confidence.

And when the sun goes down, but the riding doesn't stop, fizik bike lighting systems increase visibility and rider safety. Staying seen on the road is critical to staying safe. With fizik lighting, visibility doesn't have to depend solely on the weather, time of day or colour of clothing. Strap on rechargeable lights and take control of when and where you ride.

Moving to the shoes, fizik offers accessories for where the power meets the pedals. From silky socks for an added layer of comfort to toe and shoe covers for winter weather riding and an entire collection of replacement parts to increase the lifespan of your favourite pair, fizik shoe accessories keep riders spinning.

For the best road bike accessories, MTB accessories, even hydration solutions for the men and women of triathlon, shop fizik and kit out your bike in style!

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