Women cycling saddles

Women cycling saddles

Women cycling saddles


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  1. Special Edition
    Tempo Argo R3 Les Classiques-150 mm-Les Classiques
    Tempo Argo R3 Les Classiques
    As low as 159.99$
  2. Tempo Argo R5-150 mm
    Tempo Argo R5
    As low as 109.99$
  3. Tempo Argo R3-Black-150 mm
    Tempo Argo R3
    As low as 149.99$
  4. Tempo Argo R1-Black-150 mm
    Tempo Argo R1
    As low as 224.99$
  5. Aliante R3 Open-Black-Regular - 141 mm
    Aliante R3 Open
    As low as 149.99$
  6. Aliante R1 Open-Black-Regular - 141 mm
    Aliante R1 Open
    As low as 199.99$
  7. Aliante R3-Black-Regular - 138 mm
    Aliante R3
    As low as 174.99$
  8. Aliante R1-Black-Regular - 138 mm
    Aliante R1
    As low as 249.99$

10 Items

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Set Descending Direction


There are no two ways about it—the wrong saddle choice ruins rides. Whether you’re greeting the day on wide open roads or chasing sunsets down narrow gravel lanes, cycling should be about enjoying the experience and not fretting over equipment. Fortunately, the fizik range of women’s cycling saddles has a wide array from which to choose your best bike seat.

As the most sensitive point of contact between riders and their bikes, saddle choice is a decision not to be taken lightly, but it needn’t be overly difficult either. Considering the key factors of body type, riding position and discipline, we have compiled an extensive collection of performance cycling saddles made to match every ride and rider. Whether it’s a wider saddle for more ischial sit-bone support or the relief provided by our channeled and cut-out surface options, short nosed or long, from road to gravel, triathlon to MTB, fizik women’s saddles combine comfort with performance and durability across a variety of designs and disciplines.

Featuring fizik-specific innovations such as our advanced Adaptive 3D-printed zonal padding, our Mobius closed-loop rail system, Wingflex edges and more, fizik women’s performance bike saddles lead the industry for riders at the head of the peloton. Challenge the competition with the road-ready saddles of our Vento racing series, get off the grid with Terra and enjoy every kilometer with Tempo. Whatever your need and wherever you ride, find a better bike saddle with fizik.


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