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  1. vento stabilita carbon black best road racing cycling fizik shoes
    Vento Stabilita Carbon
    As low as 399.99$
  2. Vento Powerstrap R2 Aeroweave-36
    Vento Powerstrap R2 Aeroweave
    As low as 399.99$
  3. Vento Infinito Carbon 2-Black / Black-36
    Vento Infinito Carbon 2
    As low as 349.99$
  4. Vento Infinito Knit Carbon 2-Black / Black-36
    Vento Infinito Knit Carbon 2
    As low as 379.99$
  5. Infinito R1-Black / Black-37
    Infinito R1
    As low as 399.99$
  6. Infinito R1 Knit-Black Knitted / Red Details-37
    Infinito R1 Knit
    As low as 449.99$
  7. Special Edition
    Infinito R1 19 19-37
    Infinito R1 19 19
    As low as 449.99$
  8. fizik wide fit shoes tempo overcurve r4 black
    Tempo Overcurve R4 Wide
    As low as 199.99$
  9. Aria R3-Black-36
    Aria R3
    As low as 299.99$
  10. Tempo Overcurve R4 black fizik road cycling shoes with carbon injected outsole
    Tempo Overcurve R4
    As low as 199.99$
  11. Special Edition
    fizik tempo overcurve r4 les classiques wide road bike shoes
    Tempo Overcurve R4 Les Classiques Wide
    As low as 199.99$
  12. Special Edition
    Tempo Overcurve R4 Les Classique fizik road cycling cobbled race
    Tempo Overcurve R4 Les Classiques
    As low as 199.99$
  13. Tempo Overcurve R5-Black / Black-36
    Tempo Overcurve R5
    As low as 149.99$
  14. Special Edition
    Tempo Overcurve R5 Paris 1969-Black / Black-37
    Tempo Overcurve R5  Paris 1969
  15. Tempo Powerstrap R5-Black / Black-36
    Tempo Powerstrap R5
    As low as 99.99$
  16. Artica R5-Black / Black-36
    Artica R5
  17. best gravel shoes fizik 1 terra powerstrap x4 total black
    Terra Powerstrap X4
    As low as 149.99$
  18. Vento Overcurve X3-Black / Black-36
    Vento Overcurve X3
    As low as 249.99$
  19. Infinito X1-Black / Black-36
    Infinito X1
    As low as 399.99$
  20. Terra X5-Black-36
    Terra X5
    As low as 149.99$
  21. fizik terra ergolace x2 ebike emtb black shoes
    Terra Ergolace X2 Flat
    As low as 129.99$
  22. terra Ergolace X2 fizik clipless all mountain shoes
    Terra Ergolace X2
    As low as 129.99$
  23. New
    fizik 1 kit laces MTB Ergolace X2 shoes 2021 black grey
    Kit laces Terra Ergolace X2
    As low as 12.99$
  24. Terra Clima X2-Black / Black-36
    Terra Clima X2
    As low as 249.99$
  25. Terra Artica X2-Black / Black-36
    Terra Artica X2
    As low as 299.99$
  26. fizik gravita versor black shoes freeride clipless
    Gravita Versor
    As low as 149.99$
  27. fizik gravita versor black shoes freeride flat
    Gravita Versor Flat
    As low as 139.99$
  28. fizik shoes gravita tensor black dh armoured toe box
    Gravita Tensor
    As low as 179.99$
  29. fizik gravita tensor black shoes downhill flat
    Gravita Tensor Flat
    As low as 169.99$
  30. fizik 1 kit laces MTB DH shoes gravita 2021 black grey
    Kit laces Gravita Tensor/Versor
    As low as 12.99$
  31. Artica X5-Black / Black-36
    Artica X5
  32. Transiro Infinito R1 Knit-Black / White-37
    Transiro Infinito R1 Knit
    As low as 399.99$
  33. Transiro Infinito R3-Black / White-36
    Transiro Infinito R3
    As low as 299.99$
  34. Transiro Powerstrap R4-Black / White-36
    Transiro Powerstrap R4
    As low as 129.99$
  35. New
    fizik shoes replace kit heel skid plate vento infinito carbon outsole r2
    Kit heel skid plate (pair) R2 shoes
    As low as 19.99$
  36. Waterproof Winter Overshoe-Black-S (36-39)
    Waterproof Winter Overshoe
    As low as 69.99$
  37. Toe Cover-Black-S (36-40)
    Toe Cover
    As low as 24.99$
  38. Summer Cycling Socks-Black-S (36-40)
    Summer Cycling Socks
  39. Winter Cycling Socks-Black-S (36-40)
    Winter Cycling Socks
  40. Heel Skid Plate M3-Black-S (40-41,5)
    Heel Skid Plate M3
    As low as 19.99$
  41. Heel Skid Plate (Pair) R3 Shoes-Black-S (36-40,5)
    Heel Skid Plate (Pair) R3 Shoes
    As low as 19.99$
  42. Heel Skid Plate (Pair) R1 Shoes-Black-S (39-44,5)
    Heel Skid Plate (Pair) R1 Shoes
    As low as 19.99$
  43. Sail Cloth Closing Straps-Black-Small (25 mm)
    Sail Cloth Closing Straps
    As low as 19.99$
  44. Aluminium Buckle-Black
    Aluminium Buckle
    As low as 19.99$

49 Items

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When searching for the best shoes for cycling, the connection between the rider and their machine starts at the base. To build that solid foundation, fizik performance cycling shoes have been meticulously researched over many years and refined through thousands of hours of real-world testing. Leveraging decades of experience working with pro riders, as well as first-hand experience on the roads and trails, not to mention thousands of hours in the lab, fizik cycling shoes lead the industry in innovation for almost every type of riding.

The rider’s points of contact with their bike dictate ride comfort, and properly fitting bike shoes can mean the difference between a good or bad ride. Our full range of men’s and women’s cycling shoes are engineered to perform with discipline-specific designs featuring modern and classic materials, from mesh and Microtex to suede and more.

Developed together with our team of engineers, experts and professional athletes, whether climbing on pavement or descending on dirt, fizik cycling shoes are comfortable, period. With advanced closure systems like the BOA® Infinito and our own Powerstrap with carbon, rubber or nylon composite outsoles, we offer a wide range of cycling shoes, from our road collection of lightweight clipless road bike shoes to bike shoes for gravel and flat bike shoes for MTB with clipless capabilities, shoes for winter cycling and even triathlon cycling shoes for mixed-discipline athletes.

Driven by innovations, fizik shoes are constantly evolving, and our designers are known for thinking outside the box. Now, after almost a decade of shoe production, we are proud to have created more than a few modern classics through the perfect combination of technological know-how and design expertise, resulting in what are easily the most beautiful cycling shoes on the market.


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