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Special Editions


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  1. Special Edition
    Cycling Poster The Call of the Cobbles-Les Classiques
    Cycling Poster The Call of the Cobbles
    As low as 29.99$
  2. Special Edition
    Tempo Overcurve R4 Les Classique fizik road cycling cobbled race
    Tempo Overcurve R4 Les Classiques
    As low as 199.99$
  3. Special Edition
    fizik Tempo Argo R3  Les Classiques open saddle for racing cycling
    Tempo Argo R3 Les Classiques
  4. Special Edition
    Tempo Bondcush Tacky Les Classiques-Les Classiques
    Tempo Bondcush Tacky Les Classiques

4 Items

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Custom cycling products, from kit to components, have a long tradition in cycling, and at fizik we are proud to continue this uniquely creative historical practice with saddles, shoes and accessories dedicated to special projects and occasions.

Special-edition products are the natural outgrowth for a brand with deep ties to the world of cycling. From shoe collaborations with professional cyclists to product collaborations specific to events, special edition cycling products are our way to explore new ideas, colours and patterns and apply a fresh look to our classic, best-selling models.

Our special-edition road bike shoes, for example, are a great way to support your favourite team or rider. From custom race-edition shoes, like the charity collaboration with David Millar in 2014, An Eloquence Of Movement, which chronicled the races of his final season as a pro, to pro team shoes exactly like the ones worn by Geraint Thomas, fizik designers are always busy coming up with new iterations and aesthetics to keep cycling exciting.

Whether paying homage to cycling’s classic races or honouring the sport’s most exciting winners, the fizik range of Special Edition products connects riders to the spirit of the sport while delivering the type of performance that only fizik can. The history of cycling is in our DNA, with its legacy as our driving creative force. Our special-edition line represents the ultimate expression of that passion.

These cycling products are made in limited quantities with new products regularly added to the line. Check back often to discover all the bold, new designs.