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  1.  terra alpaca saddle with carrier tools kit fizik MTB
    Terra Alpaca X5 + Alpaca Tool Carrier
    As low as 109.00€
  2. Terra Alpaca X5
    Terra Alpaca X5
  3. gravita alpaca saddle with carrier tools kit fizik MTB
    Gravita Alpaca X5 + Alpaca Tool Carrier
    As low as 99.00€
  4. Fizik Gravita Alpaca X5 downhill saddle
    Gravita Alpaca X5
  5. Tundra M1
    Tundra M1
    Special Price 159.20€ Regular Price 199.00€
  6. Tundra M3
    Tundra M3
    Special Price 119.20€ Regular Price 149.00€
  7. Tundra M5
    Tundra M5
    Special Price 79.20€ Regular Price 99.00€
  8. Transiro Mistica Kium
    Transiro Mistica Kium
  9. Transiro Mistica Carbon
    Transiro Mistica Carbon
    As low as 187.50€ Regular Price 250.00€
  10. Arione R1
    Arione R1
    As low as 199.00€
  11. Arione R3
    Arione R3
    As low as 149.00€
  12. Antares 00
    Antares 00
    Special Price 206.25€ Regular Price 275.00€
  13. Antares R1
    Antares R1
  14. Antares R3
    Antares R3
  15. Aliante 00
    Aliante 00
    Special Price 220.00€ Regular Price 275.00€
  16. Aliante R1
    Aliante R1
    As low as 200.00€ Regular Price 250.00€
  17. Aliante R3
    Aliante R3
    As low as 111.75€ Regular Price 149.00€

21 Items

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Nothing beats a classic—when it comes to finding the right saddle type for your riding style, there are many factors to consider, from the personal – weight, height, riding position, discipline – to the external – saddle width, length, material make-up, and of course, surface type. And no saddle surface is more reliable, long standing or well tested than the solid saddle surface.

Unlike channeled or cut-out saddle surfaces, which aid in pressure relief through the removal of material at the center of the saddle, solid saddles feature a surface which is entirely uninterrupted from nose to tail. And while many factors go into choosing the right saddle for an individual rider, those who typically prefer classic, solid-bike-saddle designs are cyclists who adopt a more upright riding posture, like to utilize the entire length of the saddle and find comfort in a solid connection between themselves and their bike.

One major benefit of solid saddle surfaces is the better weight distribution provided by an increase in pressure dispersion across a greater surface area. Fizik solid saddles are available in a variety of nose lengths and tail widths to correspond to comfort preference and sit bone width. As with any fizik saddles, we utilize advanced materials in every aspect of construction, from proprietary, progressive foam padding to carbon and nylon shells as well as composite and alloy saddle rail systems. If you are in search of a more solid connection to your bike, shop the entire fizik range of solid cycling saddles for road, gravel, triathlon, MTB and more.


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