Transiro Mistica Kium
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Transiro Mistica Kium

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A noseless triathlon bike saddle with extra-long strong, lightweight Kium alloy rails allowing for a perfect aero riding position.
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Transiro Mistica Kium
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The stubby, noseless shape of Transiro Mistica Kium allows comfort and pure performance in the aero tuck position required for your fastest triathlon cycling leg.


The extra long light, strong Kium alloy rail on this model allows for maximum adjustment fore and aft to promote the perfect aero riding position.


The Transiro Mistica’s new channel design enables better weight distribution across sit bones and the new seamless, friction-free nose construction delivers improved riding comfort, while an extra grippy material provides maximum riding stability.


With a carbon reinforced nylon shell and featuring a redesigned carriage kit that’s more versatile and easy to install. Available in regular and large size.


Shell: Carbon reinforced Nylon
Rails: 7x7 Kium
Cover: thermowelded Microtex
Lenght: 24cm - UCI legal
Carriage Kit: cage holder, CO2 charge, inflator and tube
Integrated Clip System compatible

Regular size:
- Dimensions: 241x135 mm
- Weight: 235 g
- Nose: 55 mm with Front Transition Hook

Large size:
- Dimensions: 241x141mm
- Weight: 245 g
- Nose: 65 mm with Front Transition Hook


Chose this saddle as it has its widest with more forward relative to the rail. After testing it, the saddle is also more curved that seems to better distribute pressure at the sit bone area. Still need to test for longer rides and more on TT position.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 182453525
Die Verarbeitung ist sehr gut, Montage wie üblich (einfach), beim Komfort gibt's leichte Abzüge, da ich mich in meiner idealen Sitzposition (mit etwas mehr Hüftneigung) an der hinteren Innenseite des Oberschenkels etwas drückt und den Tritt leicht blockiert. Mit Umstellung der Zentrallage über dem Pedal nach hinten sowie Umbau des Vorbaus ist das aber zu korrigieren.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 166620132
Très confortable, nettement mieux que la selle d’origine
Verified purchaser | Order code : 165740336
Excellent fit for my bike and takes some of the hot spots off areas that my original saddle made uncomfortable. I've already ridden several 3hr rides with it and am very pleased with the positioning, short nose, and cushioning.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 119418519
Excellent products and services! Excellent products and services! Excellent products and services!
Verified purchaser | Order code : 116687293
Fixed the pressure hot spots I was dealing with. Excellent quality.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 101740796

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