Our Adaptive line of saddles represent a revolution in riding comfort, made possible by an evolution in manufacturing technology: 3D-printed padding. With Adaptive, we are able to fine tune individual cushioning “zones”, resulting in a 60% reduction in peak pressure for increased comfort across the entire saddle surface.

While our standard Adaptive saddles are tuned to meet the riding needs of an average fizik cyclist, based on data gathered from a large sampling of many body types and riding styles, One-to-One saddles are built based on your individual needs, using unique data from your personal pressure-mapping session.

To become an authorized One-to-One dealer, please apply using the link above.

Yes! To offer the One-to-One service in your studio, please apply using the link above.

Unfortunately, no. Only official One-to-One pressure-mapping systems are compatible. To learn more about receiving your own One-to-One pressure-mapping system, please apply using the link above.

Check out our One-to-One dealer locator above to find an authorized shop near you.

The process is simple and relatively quick. It takes just one saddle fitting session, followed by a four-week lead time for production and delivery. Additionally, after your saddle arrives, you have the option to participate in a follow-up fit session to compare pressure data.


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