Vento Argo

What Argo lacks in length, it more than makes up for in performance, comfort, and support. Our short-nose racing saddle design, Argo is the perfect addition to any competitive road, gravel, or even MTB set-up, with a shape that prioritizes pressure relief and promotes stability through generous ischial support. Whether on roads or off, go big with Argo. 

Vento Argo


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  1. vento-argo-x5-fizik-1-ergonomic-off-road-saddle-regular-size
    Vento Argo X5
    As low as 99.99£
  2. vento argo x3 fizik ergonomic off road saddle regular size
    Vento Argo X3
    As low as 144.99£
  3. vento argo x1 fizik gravel short nose saddle regular size
    Vento Argo X1
    As low as 179.99£
  4. fizik vento argo adaptive 00 140 regular road racing carbon saddle
    Vento Argo 00 Adaptive
    As low as 399.99£
  5. fizik vento argo adaptive R3 black granfondo 3d printed saddle regular size
    Vento Argo R3 Adaptive
    As low as 259.99£
  6. fizik vento argo adaptive R1 black granfondo 3d printed saddle regular size
    Vento Argo R1 Adaptive
    As low as 299.99£
  7. fizik lightest full carbon bike saddle vento argo 00
    Vento Argo 00
    As low as 269.99£
  8. Special Edition
    fizik vento argo R3 Race Edition black and white short nose saddle
    Vento Argo R3 Race Edition
    As low as 144.99£
  9. fizik Road cycling saddle Vento Argo R5
    Vento Argo R5
  10. Vento Argo R3
    Vento Argo R3
    As low as 149.99£
  11. Vento Argo R1
    Vento Argo R1
    As low as 189.99£

11 Items

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Born to win big, Vento Argo is a performance cycling saddle featuring a short-nose design that prioritizes rider stability. Part of our fast-paced series of competitive cycling saddles, Vento Argo is specifically engineered to suit modern racing bike geometry for riders who regularly adopt a more aerodynamic pedaling position Featuring a dropped nose and generous central cut-out across most Vento Argo models, even in the drops, riders can enjoy pressure-free riding and racing. Balanced support in the sit-bone area provides a responsive platform from which to consistently deliver power to your pedals while Argo’s slightly raised tail prevents any backwards sliding, whether climbing steep gradients or hammering it out on the flats. Vento Argo is available in a range of padding types, including foam, EVA, and our Adaptive padding with Tailored Zonal Cushioning. Likewise, we offer Vento Argo with an ultra-light full-carbon frame and rail or with a ride-compliant reinforced nylon shell and either Kium or S-Alloy rail. For riders seeking speed, stability, and aerodynamic comfort on the roads, the answer is Vento Argo.


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