Vento Argo RangeVento Argo Range

Vento Argo Range

Vento Argo Range


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  1. fizik vento argo adaptive 00 140 regular road racing carbon saddle
    Vento Argo 00 Adaptive
    As low as 399.99£
  2. fizik vento argo adaptive R3 black granfondo 3d printed saddle regular size
    Vento Argo R3 Adaptive
    As low as 259.99£
  3. fizik vento argo adaptive R1 black granfondo 3d printed saddle regular size
    Vento Argo R1 Adaptive
    As low as 299.99£
  4. fizik Road cycling saddle Vento Argo R5
    Vento Argo R5
    As low as 104.99£
  5. Vento Argo R3
    Vento Argo R3
    As low as 149.99£
  6. Special Edition
    fizik vento argo R3 Race Edition black and white short nose saddle
    Vento Argo R3 Race Edition
    As low as 144.99£
  7. Vento Argo R1
    Vento Argo R1
    As low as 189.99£
  8. fizik lightest full carbon bike saddle vento argo 00
    Vento Argo 00

8 Items

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Speed may win the day, but comfort coupled with speed wins the day after that—and the day after that. That’s why we developed our Vento Argo range of road racing saddles to combine performance, versatility and comfort—and why you’ll regularly find them beneath some of the best riders in pro cycling.

Designed together with top experts and athletes competing at the highest level of the sport, our Vento series of bike saddles, cycling shoes and accessories represent the culmination of over two decades of pushing the limits of performance. As a part of that series, our Vento Argo saddles offer our most versatile saddle shape to competitive cyclists throughout the peloton.

Get low and stay aero with the short-nosed design of Argo, which allows riders to adopt a more forward, aggressive riding position without the pain of unwanted pressure. The dropped nose of Argo supports the pubic ramus when the pelvis rotates forward to find more power and deliver it to the pedals while the slightly raised tail provides a more stable riding experience. Further alleviating pressure, the Vento Argo saddles features a generous central cutout surface design.

Available with lightweight carbon, Kium and S-alloy rail configurations as well as a variety of colors and widths, find out why you’ll find Vento Argo saddles from fizik beneath riders on their way to the tops of podiums around the world. Shop Vento Argo today.


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