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  1. vento argo x1 fizik gravel short nose saddle regular size
    Vento Argo X1
    As low as 179.99£
  2. vento argo x3 fizik ergonomic off road saddle regular size
    Vento Argo X3
    As low as 144.99£
  3. terra nanuq gtx black grey waterproof all mountain shoes
    Terra Nanuq GTX
    As low as 289.99£
  4. Ferox Carbon PNS X fizik
    Ferox Carbon PNS X fizik
    As low as 290.00£
  5. vento-argo-x5-fizik-1-ergonomic-off-road-saddle-regular-size
    Vento Argo X5
    As low as 99.99£
  6. terra nanuq gtx flat fizik waterproof all mountain shoes
    Terra Nanuq GTX Flat
    As low as 279.00£
  7. fizik vento argo adaptive R3 black granfondo 3d printed saddle regular size
    Vento Argo R3 Adaptive
    As low as 259.99£
  8. fizik vento argo adaptive R1 black granfondo 3d printed saddle regular size
    Vento Argo R1 Adaptive
    As low as 299.99£
  9. Tundra M5
    Tundra M5
    Special Price 75.99£ Regular Price 94.99£
  10. Tundra M3
    Tundra M3
    Special Price 103.99£ Regular Price 129.99£
  11. Tundra M1
    Tundra M1
    Special Price 143.99£ Regular Price 179.99£
  12. fizik terra artica gtx gore-tex off road winter cycling shoes
    Terra Artica GTX
    As low as 249.99£
    As low as 299.99£
  14. Special Edition
    fizik terra atlas green splash pink gravel racing shoes
    Terra Atlas Splash
    As low as 164.99£
  15. fizik terra atlas crosscountry super grip shoes
    Terra Atlas
    As low as 159.99£
  16. Vento Overcurve X3
    Vento Overcurve X3
    As low as 183.99£ Regular Price 229.99£
  17. best-gravel-shoes-fizik-1-terra-powerstrap-x4-light-grey-black
    Terra Powerstrap X4
    As low as 119.99£ Regular Price 159.99£
  18. Infinito X1
    Infinito X1
    As low as 211.24£ Regular Price 324.99£
  19. archived
    Terra X5
    Terra X5
  20. Terra X5 Suede
    Terra X5 Suede
    As low as 103.99£ Regular Price 159.99£
  21. archived
    Artica X5
    Artica X5
  22. fizik saddle bag road bike multi tools carrier
    Saddle Bag
    As low as 24.99£

22 Items

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As one of the broadest and most popular MTB categories, cross-country riding can take on as many forms as the trails themselves. From riding local fire roads to fast-paced racing at the highest levels of the sport, with cross-country MTB the opportunities to explore are limitless—with the right equipment, of course. Shop the fizik cross-country collection of shoes, saddles and accessories and suit up to take on the trails, wherever they may lead.

The diversity of the cross-country discipline demands equipment that is equally adaptable. Long fast flats can quickly turn into steep, punchy climbs as hardpacked dirt devolves into loose rock and sand. The fizik collection of cross-country equipment is specifically designed for the unpredictability of off-road exploration, with lightweight, responsive all-terrain shoes, trail-tough performance saddles and more.

Whether racing singletrack or navigating narrow trails on a fully loaded off-road adventure, fizik cross-country saddles balance responsiveness with compliance to build a stable foundation, even when riding terrain that is considerably less so. Innovations in design, such as carbon-braided Mobius rails for added strength and less weight and Wingflex edges to lessen inner thigh impact, add versatility and performance. Choose from our Argo range of XC racing saddles or Tundra saddles for all-around adventure and ride.

Designed for where the power meets the pedals, our line of cross-country bike shoes proves that robust doesn't have to mean bulky. Delivering lightweight, nimble performance that is tough enough for the hardest trail days, fizik XC shoes are built to withstand the regular abuse of cross-country riding with grippy lugged outsoles for stability off the bike and SPD-ready centre channels to integrate perfectly with MTB pedals when spinning. Add to that our Overcurve and Powerstrap closure options for finding the right fit, and the result is the ultimate XC shoe for casual riding, racing and every adventure in between.

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