Control is crucial—and if you ride a drop-bar bike, then that control starts at the cockpit. Get a grip with fizik Bar Tapes. Available in a wide range of thicknesses, levels of cushioning, colors, and finishes, fizik Bar Tapes are designed to excel in any weather and every season, helping you to do the same. Explore Bar Tapes below. 



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  1. Special Edition
    fizik Terra Microtex Bondcush Tacky Les Classiques bar tape great classique nordic cycling races
    Tempo Bondcush 3mm Tacky Les Classiques
  2. Vento Microtex 2mm Tacky Bi-Color Fluo
    Vento Microtex 2mm Tacky Bi-Color Fluo
    As low as 29.99$
  3. Vento Microtex 2mm Tacky Bi-Color Black
    Vento Microtex 2mm Tacky Bi-Color Black
    As low as 34.99$
  4. gravel bar tape fizik terra bondcush tacky 3mm light grey
    Terra Bondcush 3mm Tacky
    As low as 44.99$
  5. Tempo Bondcush 3mm Soft
    Tempo Bondcush 3mm Soft
    As low as 35.99$ Regular Price 44.99$
  6. Tempo Bondcush 3mm Classic
    Tempo Bondcush 3mm Classic
    As low as 35.99$ Regular Price 44.99$
  7. Tempo Microtex 2mm Classic
    Tempo Microtex 2mm Classic
    As low as 34.99$
  8. vento solocush tacky 2.7mm road cycling fizik bar tape dark grey
    Vento Solocush 2.7mm Tacky
    As low as 31.99$ Regular Price 39.99$
  9. Vento Microtex 2mm Tacky
    Vento Microtex 2mm Tacky
    As low as 27.99$ Regular Price 34.99$

9 Items

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Bike handlebar tape is a key accessory designed for drop bars, on-road and off. The fizik bar tape collection provides various material options to increase comfort and control, giving you the grip you need for your particular cycling style while reducing unwanted vibrations that can lead to hand fatigue. fizik offers road bike handlebar tape and gravel bike handlebar tape in various colours, densities and thicknesses to satisfy almost any rider’s personal preference. If you are looking for race-bred tapes for ultimate control and reduced weight, the Vento range made from Microtex is the thinnest option for pin-sharp handling and control. The tape comes in both an original or tacky finish for a sticky non-slip surface with a raised texture promising secure grip in wet or dry conditions. Bar tape is also a key expression of a rider’s style, and that’s why our tape comes in an exciting array of colour and pattern options, from hi-vis neon to bi-colour tapes in fluorescent and traditional colourways. The bar tape styles from our Tempo range offer professional quality at a competitive price with three surfaces to choose from: soft touch for a matte-look and silky, moisture-absorbing surface, tacky for added grip and control, and original for smooth and supple performance. Technologies include Bondcush, a layered mid-padding polymer foam that aids the absorption of road buzz. Bonded to a Microtex outer layer, this material blend is our thickest option to combine comfort, durability and versatility and is ideal to tackle all kinds of rides and roads.


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