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After Ride

After Ride


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  1. Fizik gravita cotton twill five panel cap
    5 panel cap
  2. Fizik gravita comfortable military green beanie
  3. Fizik Gravita black racing long sleeve jersey
    Gravita racing jersey
    As low as 84.99$
  4. Fizik Gravita white cotton long-sleeve shirt
    Gravita Long Sleeve
    As low as 47.99$
  5. Fizik Gravita white cotton t shirt
    Gravita Tshirt
    As low as 36.99$
  6. fizik Logo T-shirt Woman
    fizik Logo T-shirt Woman
  7. fizik Logo T-shirt Man
    fizik Logo T-shirt Man
    As low as 29.99$
  8. fizik Waterproof Jacket
    fizik Waterproof Jacket
  9. fizik After Ride Sweatshirt
    fizik After Ride Sweatshirt
    As low as 179.99$

10 Items

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You can’t spend all your time on the bike, unfortunately—so what do you wear during days spent off the saddle? For the hours between bike adventures, we offer a range of after-ride products and fizik clothingl. Perfect for rest days, regular commutes, or simply looking stylish at the next bike show, the fizik after-ride apparel collection consists of comfy t-shirts, hooded jackets, casual MTB jerseys, caps, and more.

Of course, being from fizik, we take care to produce our off-bike clothing to the same exacting standards for comfort, fit and performance as our riding apparel and components. That means no detail is left unconsidered, from the materials we choose to the specific cuts and construction. Featuring unique fizik designs and subtle colors at home at both the bike park and local café, explore fizik after-ride apparel to bring your cycling style into situations where a full kit might not be the best fit. Shop our after-ride apparel collection today.


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