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  1. Fizik Gravita Alpaca X5 downhill saddle
    Gravita Alpaca X5
    As low as 109.99$
  2. gravita alpaca saddle with carrier tools kit fizik MTB
    Gravita Alpaca X5 + Alpaca Tool Carrier
    As low as 129.99$
  3. fizik alpaca MTB carrier tool kit all mountain enduro
    Alpaca Tool Carrier
    As low as 39.99$
  4. fizik saddle bag road bike multi tools carrier
    Saddle Bag

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From adrenaline-fueled descents through aggressive, technical sections to park laps with friends, downhill mountain biking takes excitement to the next level and comes with its own set of challenges. Maintaining stability over extreme terrain at speed demands confidence and control. Handle your bike and hit the trails with the fizik line-up of downhill MTB saddles.

With gravity-assisted mountain biking, most riding is done out of the saddle, yet selecting the perfect seat remains equally important as in other cycling disciplines. Bike control starts with the right points of contact, and, along with a firm grip and solid pedal connection, the saddle acts as a command centre between the rider’s knees. A solid downhill saddle must match the challenges of the discipline as well as withstand the rigours of even the roughest trails.

The fizik range of downhill saddles are designed to meet those demands, putting the rider in control while providing a solid pedalling platform for rare climbs or returns to the top of the trail. Fizik DH saddles are built tough, starting with our Mobius closed-loop rail design for added strength and better weight distribution, making snapped rails from hard landings or the occasional (yet inevitable) crash a thing of the past. Our ride-compliant, carbon-reinforced shells get paired with progressive padding for better shock dampening and protection. Rounded contours allow for smoother changes in both body and saddle position while flowing downhill as our Wingflex technology softens saddle strike over rough terrain to protect inner thighs from bruising.

To take control of every trail, shop the fizik collection of downhill mountain bike saddle and drop in with confidence.


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