Men's MTB shoesMen's MTB shoes

Men's MTB shoes

Men's MTB shoes


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  1. fizik vento ferox carbon brown purple special edition lightweight off road shoes
    As low as 299.99$
  2. Special Edition
    fizik terra atlas green splash pink gravel racing shoes
    Terra Atlas Splash
    As low as 169.99$
  3. fizik terra atlas crosscountry super grip shoes
    Terra Atlas
    As low as 169.99$
  4. best-gravel-shoes-fizik-1-terra-powerstrap-x4-light-grey-black
    Terra Powerstrap X4
    As low as 127.49$ Regular Price 169.99$
  5. Vento Overcurve X3
    Vento Overcurve X3
    As low as 199.99$ Regular Price 249.99$
  6. terra Ergolace X2 fizik clipless all mountain shoes
    Terra Ergolace X2
    As low as 119.99$ Regular Price 149.99$
  7. Special Edition
    terra ergolace x2 90s special edition all mountain clipless shoes
    Terra Ergolace X2 90s
    As low as 149.99$
  8. fizik 1 kit laces MTB Ergolace X2 shoes 2021 black grey
    Kit laces Terra Ergolace X2
    As low as 12.99$
  9. Special Edition
    fizik gravita tensor lightweight black white off road clipless shoes
    Gravita Tensor Team Edition
    As low as 189.99$
  10. Special Edition
    fizik gravita tensor lightweight black white off road flat shoes
    Gravita Tensor Flat Team Edition
    As low as 189.99$
  11. fizik shoes gravita tensor red dh armoured toe box
    Gravita Tensor
    As low as 142.49$ Regular Price 189.99$
  12. fizik gravita tensor  grey aquamarine shoes freeride flat
    Gravita Tensor Flat
    As low as 142.49$ Regular Price 189.99$
  13. fizik gravita versor black shoes freeride clipless
    Gravita Versor
    As low as 112.49$ Regular Price 149.99$
  14. fizik gravita versor grey mud shoes freeride flat
    Gravita Versor Flat
    As low as 112.49$ Regular Price 149.99$
  15. fizik 1 kit laces MTB DH shoes gravita 2021 black white
    Kit laces Gravita Tensor/Versor
    As low as 12.99$
  16. Terra X5
    Terra X5
    As low as 149.99$ Regular Price 149.99$
  17. Terra X5 Suede
    Terra X5 Suede
    As low as 113.74$ Regular Price 174.99$
  18. Infinito X1
    Infinito X1
    As low as 259.99$ Regular Price 399.99$
  19. archived
    Artica X5
    Artica X5
  20. Terra Clima X2
    Terra Clima X2
    As low as 162.49$ Regular Price 249.99$
  21. Terra Artica X2
    Terra Artica X2
    As low as 194.99$ Regular Price 299.99$

21 Items

per page
Set Descending Direction


Whether it’s top tier racing down harrowing trails against the clock or a relaxed bikepacking weekend with friends, heading off-road to ride in the mountains is an experience like no other. Go remote or enjoy local laps on familiar trails; just be sure to pick the right mountain bike equipment to get the most out of every off-grid mile. Fortunately, if it’s off-road and adventurous, the fizik range of performance men's mountain bike footwear has you covered, from cross-country to all-mountain and more.

For years, fizik has been at the forefront of MTB shoe design, leading the way into the wilderness with advancements such as our innovative closure systems, ranging from the redesigned, classic ergonomic lace-up options of our Ergolace shoes to the dialed-in micro adjustments provided by Infinito. Seeking to create a better connection between riders through their pedals to their bikes, fizik MTB outsoles provide a variety of tread patterns, flat-pedal and clipless configurations, as well as levels of stiffness, all designed to work perfectly when spinning uphill, flowing down or hiking with your bike on loose terrain.

Of course, well-thought-out MTB shoes mean very little if they’re not built stand up to the abuse of daily trail riding. We carefully select, test and retest every component of our off-road cycling shoes to ensure they’re made to last, lap after rough and rowdy lap. So whether you’re a casual trail rider, cross-country racer or gravity-fueled adrenaline junkie, explore the complete range of fizik men's mountain bike shoes today.


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