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  1. fizik tempo aliante R5 comfortable road cycling saddle
    Tempo Aliante R5
    As low as 109.99$
  2. fizik aliante R3 most stable and ergonomic road endurance cycling saddle
    Tempo Aliante R3
    As low as 159.99$
  3. Tempo Aliante R1
    Tempo Aliante R1
    As low as 209.99$
  4. fizik tempo artica gtx goretex winter road cycling shoes
    Tempo Artica GTX
    As low as 259.99$
  5. fizik tempo carbon decos light blue iridiscent road cycling shoes with carbon outsole
    As low as 299.99$
  6. fizik tempo carbon decos purple black road cycling shoes with carbon outsole
    As low as 299.99$
  7. fizik tempo carbon decos wide white road cycling shoes with carbon outsole
    As low as 299.99$
  8. Special Edition
    Tempo Overcurve R4 Les Classique fizik road cycling cobbled race
    Tempo Overcurve R4 Les Classiques
    As low as 219.99$
  9. Special Edition
    Tempo Overcurve R4 Les Classiques Wide
    As low as 219.99$
  10. Tempo Overcurve R4 grey-red fizik road cycling shoes with carbon injected outsole
    Tempo Overcurve R4
    As low as 209.99$
  11. fizik Tempo Overcurve R4 wide fit shoes road cycling
    Tempo Overcurve R4 Wide
    As low as 209.99$
  12. Overcurve R4 Iridescent
    Tempo Overcurve R4 Iridescent
    As low as 229.99$
  13. Tempo overcurve R4 wide fit road cycling shoes
    Tempo Overcurve R4 Iridiscent Wide
    As low as 229.99$
  14. Tempo Overcurve R5
    Tempo Overcurve R5
    As low as 139.99$
  15. tempo powerstrap R5 sky blue fizik road cycling shoes best price
    Tempo Powerstrap R5
    As low as 90.99$ Regular Price 139.99$
  16. Tempo Powerstrap R5 Reflective
    Tempo Powerstrap R5 Reflective
    As low as 149.99$
  17. Tempo Argo R1
    Tempo Argo R1
    As low as 209.99$
  18. Tempo Argo R3
    Tempo Argo R3
    As low as 159.99$
  19. Road bike saddle fizik Tempo Argo R5
    Tempo Argo R5
  20. Aliante R3 Open White
    Aliante R3 Open White
    As low as 112.49$ Regular Price 149.99$
  21. Aliante R3 Open
    Aliante R3 Open
  22. Aliante 00
    Aliante 00
    Special Price 239.99$ Regular Price 299.99$
  23. Aliante R1 Open
    Aliante R1 Open
    As low as 149.99$ Regular Price 199.99$
  24. Aliante R3
    Aliante R3
    As low as 131.24$ Regular Price 174.99$
  25. Aliante R1
    Aliante R1
    As low as 249.99$ Regular Price 249.99$
  26. Special Edition
    fizik Terra Microtex Bondcush Tacky Les Classiques bar tape great classique nordic cycling races
    Tempo Bondcush 3mm Tacky Les Classiques
    As low as 39.99$
  27. Tempo Bondcush 3mm Soft
    Tempo Bondcush 3mm Soft
    As low as 44.99$
  28. Tempo Bondcush 3mm Classic
    Tempo Bondcush 3mm Classic
    As low as 44.99$
  29. Tempo Microtex 2mm Classic
    Tempo Microtex 2mm Classic
    As low as 34.99$
  30. Link R3 Bull
    Link R3 Bull
    As low as 129.99$ Regular Price 199.99$
  31. Link R3 Chameleon
    Link R3 Chameleon
    As low as 129.99$ Regular Price 199.99$
  32. Link R3 Snake
    Link R3 Snake
    As low as 129.99$ Regular Price 199.99$
  33. Link R1 Bull
    Link R1 Bull
    As low as 194.99$ Regular Price 299.99$
  34. Link R1 Chameleon
    Link R1 Chameleon
    As low as 194.99$ Regular Price 299.99$
  35. Link R1 Snake
    Link R1 Snake
    As low as 194.99$ Regular Price 299.99$
  36. fizik waterproof winter overshoe black
    Waterproof Winter Overshoe
    As low as 69.99$
  37. fizik toe cover winter water resistant road bike
    Toe Cover
    As low as 24.99$
  38. fizik saddle bag road bike multi tools carrier
    Saddle Bag
    As low as 24.99$
  39. archived
    Artica R5
    Artica R5

40 Items

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Whether heading out on a group ride with friends or for solo explorations down unfamiliar new roads, the fizik Tempo range of road bike saddles, shoes, bar tape and beyond is ready to roll. Made for rides on any road, from the smoothest tarmac to the roughest pavé, the fizik Tempo collection is designed for versatility and crafted to provide the most enjoyable riding experience, no matter where your way leads.

Long rides and hours in the saddle can quickly turn unpleasant with the wrong choice of bike seat. Fizik Tempo series road bike saddles have been developed through our process of careful design and on-the-road testing to provide the ultimate in long-distance comfort while at the same time saving weight and offering plenty of choice for a variety of body types and riding positions. Features such as our generous centre cut-outs and variable density padding take the pressure away from the body's most sensitive areas while performance upgrades like carbon-braided rails and versatile saddle shapes make fizik Tempo saddles the ideal choice for never-ending road rides.

Just as with saddles, finding the right road bike shoe can mean the difference between a good and bad ride, continuing to spin and heading home early. The fizik Tempo road cycling shoe collection is built to deliver comfort without sacrificing performance, for riders who demand both. Choose between the micro-adjustable, asymmetrical pattern of our Overcurve closure and the easy, on-the-fly adjustments provided by the fizik Powerstrap and hit the road spinning.

Completing the connection, Tempo series endurance handlebar tape and road bike accessories are created to go the distance so you can, too. Designed to reduce hand fatigue and numbness resulting from road buzz over less-than-perfect pavement, Tempo bar tape is offered in a variety of thicknesses, finishes and colour options to customise rider comfort and control.

From early morning training to weekend Gran Fondos, shop the Tempo collection to take on any road and make the most of every mile.


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