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  1. Special Edition
    Vento Microtex Tacky bar tape limited-edition disruptive colourway.
    Vento Microtex 2mm Tacky 2020 Edition
  2. vento solocush tacky 2.7mm road cycling fizik bar tape dark grey
    Vento Solocush 2.7mm Tacky
    As low as 39.99$
  3. Special Edition
    fizik Terra Microtex Bondcush Tacky Les Classiques bar tape great classique nordic cycling races
    Tempo Bondcush 3mm Tacky Les Classiques
    As low as 39.99$
  4. Vento Microtex 2mm Tacky
    Vento Microtex 2mm Tacky
    As low as 27.99$ Regular Price 34.99$
  5. Tempo Microtex 2mm Classic
    Tempo Microtex 2mm Classic
    As low as 34.99$
  6. Tempo Bondcush 3mm Soft
    Tempo Bondcush 3mm Soft
    As low as 35.90$ Regular Price 44.99$
  7. gravel bar tape fizik terra bondcush tacky 3mm light grey
    Terra Bondcush 3mm Tacky
    As low as 44.99$
  8. Tempo Bondcush 3mm Classic
    Tempo Bondcush 3mm Classic
    As low as 35.90$ Regular Price 44.99$

8 Items

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Set Descending Direction


From fast-paced road racing at the highest levels of the sport to cross-discipline athletes swimming, riding and running their way to victory, as well as more adventurous riders exploring far from the beaten track, drop bar bikes are used for many disciplines these days, and the perfect bar tape is designed to handle the challenges that come with each. Get a grip and maintain control with fizik performance handlebar tape.

As adaptable as drop bar bikes have become, without the right handlebar tape, pain and discomfort can quickly end even the best rides. Through thorough research and real-world testing, the technology that goes into fizik bike grip tape is designed for better handling and increased comfort and is available in three specific formulations to fit the way and where you ride.

Microtex, our thinnest option, is built to be the perfect road bike handlebar tape. From training to racing, Microtex bar tape provides the streamlined, responsive control preferred on the road, whether that be on smooth tarmac or the roughest pavé. The minimalist construction and specific foam density result in pin-sharp handling with the right amount of cushioning to absorb road buzz.

For slightly more softness, our Solocush handlebar tape features a single layer of shock-absorbing foam, ideal on longer rides over rough terrain. Thicker and a little less dense than Microtex, Solocush delivers big comfort in a surprisingly light bar tape.

And for off-road, drop bar adventures and day after day of exploration, our softest selection is our Bondcush handlebar tape. With two layers of protection, Bondcush features a Microtex outer layer together with additional polymer foam padding for bar tape that's ready to dampen the biggest bumps and ruts found far from the pavement.

With Microtex, Solocush and Bondcush handlebar tape, riders can dial in the level of comfort and control with fizik.


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