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  1. Special Edition
    Vento Microtex Tacky bar tape limited-edition disruptive colourway.
    Vento Microtex 2mm Tacky 2020 Edition
  2. vento solocush tacky 2.7mm road cycling fizik bar tape dark grey
    Vento Solocush 2.7mm Tacky
    As low as 39.99$
  3. Special Edition
    fizik Terra Microtex Bondcush Tacky Les Classiques bar tape great classique nordic cycling races
    Tempo Bondcush 3mm Tacky Les Classiques
    As low as 39.99$
  4. Vento Microtex 2mm Tacky
    Vento Microtex 2mm Tacky
    As low as 27.99$ Regular Price 34.99$
  5. Tempo Microtex 2mm Classic
    Tempo Microtex 2mm Classic
    As low as 34.99$
  6. Tempo Bondcush 3mm Soft
    Tempo Bondcush 3mm Soft
    As low as 35.90$ Regular Price 44.99$
  7. gravel bar tape fizik terra bondcush tacky 3mm light grey
    Terra Bondcush 3mm Tacky
    As low as 44.99$
  8. Tempo Bondcush 3mm Classic
    Tempo Bondcush 3mm Classic
    As low as 35.90$ Regular Price 44.99$

8 Items

per page
Set Descending Direction


With the ever-expanding capabilities of drop bar bikes, and as cyclists continue to push themselves and their rides off roads and into the wild, finding control and comfort is critical. Rocky terrain, mile after mile of crunchy gravel and rough tarmac all take their toll on a rider's hands. Even on the smoothest roads, long hours on the bars can lead to hand numbness, fatigue and discomfort. Thankfully, fizik road and gravel bike bar tape is engineered to handle the demands of drop bar riding, wherever the road, path or trail may lead.

With endless opportunities afforded by modern drop bar bikes, and with riders as diverse as the roads and trails they explore, finding the right bar tape for where and how you cycle is an important part of optimizing your ride. Get the right grip with fizik handlebar tape, available in three different thicknesses to let riders choose their level of comfort.

Starting with Microtex, our thinnest range of road bike bar tape, this minimalist handlebar tape is designed for responsive, pin-sharp handling that sheds weight without sacrificing comfort. At 2mm thick, Microtex adds very little bulk to your bars yet provides enough padding to adapt to rides where smooth tarmac is traded for the rougher stuff.

As the perfect balance of comfort and control, the fizik Solocush range of bar tape offers our most streamlined cushioned construction. Perfect on road, gravel and cyclocross bikes alike, Solocush wraps your handlebars in 2.7mm of long-distance defence against the bumps and ruts of the road and trails. Resulting in a slightly wider circumference, Solocush is perfect for riders who prefer to have a more substantial handle on their ride.

And for the ultimate in all-road hand relief, Bondcush bar tape is our chunkiest, most shock-absorbing option for riders who challenge the cobbles, take on trails and ride without limits. 3mm thick and with the durability for trail days and endless adventures, Bondcush is an ideal option for endurance riders and anyone pushing the limits of their drop bar bike.

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