From the fastest, toughest off-road races to deep-winter adventures off the beaten track, if you’re searching for the ultimate in foot support for riding rough terrain, look no further than the fizik Gravel Shoe Collection. Worn by many of the sport’s leading athletes, our Gravel Shoe range is large and always growing, just like cycling’s most exciting new discipline. 



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  1. vento proxy fizik 1 white off road racing cycling shoes
    Vento Proxy
    As low as 229.00€
  2. Special Edition
    terra atlas enrosadira fizik pink white off road shoes
    Terra Atlas Enrosadira
    As low as 169.00€
  3. Special Edition
    Ergolace GTX PEdALED x fizik
    As low as 210.00€
  4. terra nanuq gtx flat fizik waterproof all mountain shoes
    Terra Nanuq GTX Flat
    As low as 279.00€
  5. terra nanuq gtx black grey waterproof all mountain shoes
    Terra Nanuq GTX
    As low as 279.00€
  6. terra ergolace gtx flat fizik white grey waterproof off road shoes
    Terra Ergolace GTX Flat
    As low as 189.00€
  7. terra ergolace gtx fizik white grey waterproof off road shoes
    Terra Ergolace GTX
    As low as 189.00€
  8. Ferox Carbon PNS X fizik
    Ferox Carbon PNS X fizik
    As low as 330.00€
  9. fizik terra artica gtx gore-tex off road winter cycling shoes
    Terra Artica GTX
    As low as 259.00€
  10. Special Edition
    fizik terra atlas green splash pink gravel racing shoes
    Terra Atlas Splash
    As low as 169.00€
    As low as 299.00€
  12. fizik terra atlas crosscountry super grip shoes
    Terra Atlas
    As low as 159.00€
  13. fizik terra ergolace x2 ebike emtb grey shoes
    Terra Ergolace X2 Flat
    As low as 96.75€ Regular Price 129.00€
  14. Special Edition
    terra ergolace x2 90s special edition all mountain clipless shoes
    Terra Ergolace X2 90s
    As low as 129.00€
  15. Terra Clima X2
    Terra Clima X2
    As low as 162.59€ Regular Price 250.00€
  16. Terra Ergolace X2
    Terra Ergolace X2
    As low as 129.00€
  17. Terra Artica X2
    Terra Artica X2
    As low as 182.00€ Regular Price 280.00€
  18. best-gravel-shoes-fizik-1-terra-powerstrap-x4-light-grey-black
    Terra Powerstrap X4
    As low as 119.25€ Regular Price 159.00€
  19. Vento Overcurve X3
    Vento Overcurve X3
    As low as 164.25€ Regular Price 219.00€

19 Items

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Gravel and bikepacking are popular today for a lot of really good reasons: they combine elements of road cycling, mountain biking, and adventure touring—and especially appeal to road cyclists looking to get outdoors and away from motorized traffic, but without giving up the occasional paceline and familiar riding position. Gravel racing has also exploded, with events like Unbound, the Atlas Mountain Race, and the Traka redefining bicycle competition for a new generation of riders. The best shoes for riding gravel and bikepacking will consider that some amount of time will be spent with riders pushing their bikes over terrain that is too rough or steep for riding. Because of this, gravel cycling shoes should be made comfortable with the proper outsoles to handle challenging stretches of hike-a-bike— which at times might even include adventures like free-climbing with the bike over your shoulder. Situations such as these are why our shoes are made with pronounced treads on the heel edge and toe sections to allow for greater performance in mud and rocks, a design based on feedback and input from some of the world’s leading gravel riders. But of course, most of the time, riding gravel means pedaling in the saddle, and that’s why our shoes are made with stiff carbon-injected soles for efficient power transfer. Because after all, if roadies go in for off-road adventures, they will want to do so as quickly as possible. The breathable, protective uppers are designed for ventilation and durability, harmonizing with laterally stiff, lightweight outsoles for solid good looks from which to deliver measurable power transfer for modern gravel racing and riding performance.


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