Easy entry, breathability, sockless comfort—these are just a few of the special considerations required when designing our performance Triathlon Shoe Collection. Other key factors include responsive power transfer, aerodynamics, and support. After all, with all the work you put into winning races, the least we could do is match your effort when equipping you for them. 



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  1. fizik transiro hydra metallic light blue triathlon road cycling shoes
    Transiro Hydra
    As low as 149.00€
  2. fizik transiro hydra aeroweave carbon red blue triathlon racing shoes
    Transiro Hydra Aeroweave Carbon
    As low as 290.00€
  3. Transiro Infinito R1 Knit
    Transiro Infinito R1 Knit
    As low as 247.00€ Regular Price 380.00€
  4. Transiro Infinito R3
    Transiro Infinito R3
    As low as 161.85€ Regular Price 249.00€
  5. Transiro Powerstrap R4
    Transiro Powerstrap R4
    As low as 90.35€ Regular Price 139.00€

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Swim, Ride, Run—for mixed-discipline triathletes, each leg of the race matters. But it’s that middle segment that concerns our team here at fizik. Helping lead the way to more victories by making the fastest leg of your next race faster than ever before, meet our Triathlon Shoe Collection. To create our triathlon cycling shoe range, we worked directly with the best individuals in the sport, athletes like the Brownlee brothers, Georgia Taylor-Brown, and others, all with the aim of creating a faster triathlon shoe capable of balancing both comfort and performance. Addressing comfort first, our triathlon footwear incorporates hyper-breathable, fast-drying materials like innovative Air Mesh and Aeroweave. Wide Velcro straps play two roles, simultaneously supporting the foot while allowing for the simplest, quickest entry possible during crucial transitions—a key factor in sprint-distance and Ironman-length races. Regarding performance, riders can choose between an ultra-stiff R2 carbon outsole for uncompromising power transfer or the extra comfort and considerable efficiency of a more compliant R5 nylon option. While we’ll leave the swimming and running up to you, when it comes to pushing the tempo in your next triathlon, fizik is on your team.


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