Bike? Check. Helmet? Check. Shoes? If you’re searching for the perfect pair of flat-pedal gravity or trail shoes to complete your Downhill, Enduro, or even bikepacking set-up, look no further than our Flat MTB Shoe Collection—supportive, durable, and reliable off-road footwear designed for big days on the dirt. 



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  1. fizik gravita tensor  grey aquamarine shoes freeride flat
    Gravita Tensor Flat
    As low as 174.99£
  2. fizik gravita versor grey mud shoes freeride flat
    Gravita Versor Flat
    As low as 134.99£
  3. terra nanuq gtx flat fizik waterproof all mountain shoes
    Terra Nanuq GTX Flat
    As low as 279.00£
  4. terra ergolace gtx flat fizik white grey waterproof off road shoes
    Terra Ergolace GTX Flat
    As low as 199.99£
  5. Special Edition
    fizik gravita tensor lightweight black white off road flat shoes
    Gravita Tensor Flat Team Edition
    As low as 189.99£
  6. fizik terra ergolace x2 ebike emtb grey shoes
    Terra Ergolace X2 Flat
    As low as 97.49£ Regular Price 129.99£

6 Items

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Pick a trail, find your line, and roll out. Mountain biking opens the door to nearly endless exploration opportunities. For the more competitively minded riders, the worlds of downhill and enduro racing can be equally liberating. If you seek freedom on the trails, find the power you need to propel your escape with the fizik Flat-Pedal MTB Shoes Collection. Just as mountain bikers may pursue different riding disciplines, the choice of pedal/shoe combination comes down to personal preference, with many riders enjoying the unconstrained feeling that comes with flat-pedal adventures. For these individuals, we’ve developed a range of comfortable, durable flat-pedal MTB shoes for downhill, enduro, trail riding, bikepacking, and more. One of the wildest cycling disciplines, riding downhill means high speeds, big jumps, and hard landings, which is why we designed our flat-pedal Gravita shoes to provide a bit of extra protection for your feet. When versatility—and walkability—are required, our Ergolace series of shoes provides a reliable grip on pedals and trails alike. For times when conditions shift and the terrain turns muddy, our GTX-edition MTB footwear include the powerful weatherproof protection of GORE-TEX performance. Bringing together comfort, fit, and a free-wheeling, yet consistent connection to your pedals, enjoy every ride with flat-pedal MTB shoes from fizik.


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