Luce S-Alloy
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Luce S-Alloy

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Following our extensive research project fizik undertook a whole new construction for the ultimat ... MORE

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Luce S-Alloy

Following our extensive research project fizik undertook a whole new construction for the ultimately comfortable, high-performing women’s saddle, Luce. It has a wider sitting area shape narrowing down toward the nose for better weight distribution and less friction on the thighs.

To create a shape for truly comfortable high-performance long rides, we made the strong, light shell from three separate sections: a carbon reinforced nylon spine co-injected with two very flexible, strong panels made from a thermoplastic elastomer. We built the Luce S-Alloy on narrow S-Alloy Mobius rail construction, accommodating a specially designed elongated pressure relief cut out, offering a combination of flexible support – called IschialFlex - under the sit-bones and comfortable freedom for the rider’s soft tissues. This unique shape that provides a perfect profile for female cyclists and maintains structural stability over time.

Specifically designed for women.


Specifically designed for women.
Shell: Carbon-reinforced nylon
Rails: S-alloy rail
Cover: IschialFlex
Integrated Clip System compatible
Specifically designed for women

Regular size:
- Lenght: 281x145 mm
- Weight: 250 g

Large size:
- Lenght: 281x155 mm
- Weight: 255 g


I have not had the chance to try it out for long enough yet in order to leave a good review, but based on my experience so far, it's superior to my old saddle at least.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 64272618
Fantastic saddle, have ridden 130km outdoor rides on this many indoor sessions with no pain/chafing at all. Much better than the specialized saddle I was using previously. I got a large - wasn't sure as I am usually sized at a 'mid range' saddle but it feels great.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 59452839

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