Tempo Argo RangeTempo Argo Range

Tempo Argo Range

Tempo Argo Range


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  1. Road bike saddle fizik Tempo Argo R5
    Tempo Argo R5
    As low as 109.99$
  2. Tempo Argo R3
    Tempo Argo R3
    As low as 149.99$
  3. Special Edition
    fizik Tempo Argo R3  Les Classiques open saddle for racing cycling
    Tempo Argo R3 Les Classiques
    As low as 159.99$
  4. Tempo Argo R1
    Tempo Argo R1
    As low as 224.99$

4 Items

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It’s easy to overthink cycling – getting lost in the watts, V02 maxes and more – when in truth, the sport is often at its best when kept simple: a good bike, great roads and endless hours spent spinning. Our Tempo series of saddles, shoes and more is designed to deliver exactly that, road cycling in its purist, most enjoyable form—made possible, in part, thanks to the all-day comfort of the Tempo Argo Saddle.

Prioritizing comfort, performance and versatility, items in our Tempo range feature the same dedication to innovation as our racier products but focused on bettering ride quality above all else. As a part of that series, our Tempo Argo saddle is a short-nosed endurance saddle built to deliver a solid, stable pedaling platform on long rides across a variety of surface conditions. Whereas many traditional saddles require riders to shift their position frequently for better leverage, our Argo series saddles place riders in a more planted position from which to deliver power to the pedals.

Available in varying sizes to suit different body types and sit-bone widths, Argo saddles provide generous ischial support alongside better weight distribution and greater stability. Well-suited for endurance riding, the Tempo Argo saddle’s short-nosed design allows riders to sit further forward for better power transfer without the discomfort of undue pressure. To further alleviate discomfort, the Tempo Argo features a wide central cut-out and our proprietary type-2 foam formulation.

Simply select your desired shell and saddle rail material and aesthetic and start enjoying the ultimate in all-day bike saddle comfort with Tempo Argo saddles from fizik.


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