Terra Argo X5
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Terra Argo X5

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A gravel-specific saddle with a short nose and a combination of a ride-compliant carbon-reinforced nylon shell and S-Alloy rails.
As low as 99.99$
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Terra Argo X5
As low as 99.99$
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A ride-compliant, gravel-specific saddle with a short-nose design and generous ischial support for improved stability.

fizik – Gravel Saddle Terra Argo X5


Where a traditional saddle shape encourages riders to shift their position frequently for better leverage, the Argo puts riders in a more planted position, making for greater stability and better weight distribution. The Terra Argo’s short length allows riders to sit further forward without placing undue pressure on sensitive areas. It also features an ergonomic cut-out that was developed using detailed pressure analysis and input from medical experts.

fizik – Gravel Bike Saddle Terra Argo X5


The Argo is our most versatile saddle shape, with each version suited to different riding styles. As the gravel-specific option, the Terra Argo has been engineered with a compliant shell to offer a certain degree of flexibility. This controlled elasticity absorbs road chatter and vibrations, delivering the comfort needed for long distance riding over unpaved roads.

Short-nose Gravel Saddle Terra Argo X5 – fizik


To better support the Terra Argo’s flexible shell, we used our closed-loop Mobius rail system for increased structural stability and responsiveness. The Terra Argo features a waved profile to provide the lower-back support necessary for long rides and to help riders hold their position while climbing on loose terrain. The same goes for the dropped-nose design which allows riders to rotate their pelvis while pushing forward on the nose for better traction and power transfer.

fizik – Short-Nose Gravel Cycling Saddle Terra Argo X5


The padding is made from fizik’s proprietary Type-2 foam formulation, slightly thicker around the ischial sit bones area to support a more upright riding posture. The cushioning is slightly softer and more progressive than the type we use on our racing saddles, providing more long-distance comfort.



  • Argo: versatile short-nose saddle that encourages stability and relieves pressure on sensitive areas
  • X5: A combination of a ridecompliant carbon fiber reinforced nylon shell and an S-Alloy rail
  • Mobius Rail: Closed loop design for added strength and weight distribution
  • Wingflex: The shell's side edges flex and adapt to a rider's inner leg movement
  • Type 2 foam: Progressive cushioning, with a lower compression modulus
  • Terra: All-terrain series designed to take you beyond your boundaries
  • Intended use: Gravel
  • Concepts: This is a product of the fizik Concepts programme, a cross-disciplinary collaboration of leading industry experts and academics carrying out research and analysis on technology, design, physiology and bike-fitting in search of ways to improve cycling performance.
fizik gravel saddle-terra argo X5 regular 150mm



  • Length: 270 mm
  • Width: 150 mm
  • Weight: 271 g
  • Height at 75mm width: 51 mm
  • Length from nose to 75mm width: 113 mm
  • Rail: 7x7 mm
fizik gravel saddle-terra argo X5 large 160mm



  • Length: 270 mm
  • Width: 160 mm
  • Weight: 275 g
  • Height at 75mm width: 51 mm
  • Length from nose to 75mm width: 113 mm
  • Rail: 7x7 mm


Good Saddle, could be a bit squishier.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 149322576
really comfortable seat. glad to be able to replace my original that i damaged through poor technique
Verified purchaser | Order code : 149835074
Comfortable seat for the longer gravel rides
Verified purchaser | Order code : 149005220
Feels good, but need more kilometers to soften the pads
Verified purchaser | Order code : 140116843
Not try yet but schould be ok since all argo type suits me.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 132957496
Sehr zufrieden nach den ersten Kilometern
Verified purchaser | Order code : 133385014
Satisfait du produit conforme à mes attentes
Verified purchaser | Order code : 132102566
I am still on the fence about this saddle. I wanted to swap a stock Specialized Bridge Comp on my Sirrus 4.0 X, which I found not super comfy on > 30km rides, for something better. At first, my experience was even worse, but after fiddling with saddle adjustment I seemed to have found an optimal position, which for me was at 0 degrees slope. Though it is better now, I am still not sure it was an overall improvement from my stock saddle. After several > 40km rides, I can say that it’s decent, but I could use more cushioning. Would certainly recommend riding this one only in padded shorts/tights.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 125377394
Gutes Produkt - bequem und optisch ansprechend
Verified purchaser | Order code : 121874604
Perfect and comfy saddle. Got is a BD gift. No regrets. 30 K ride without a shammy, NP.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 116369653
Great saddle! Feels really comfortable, especially with the cutout. It’s my first saddle with a cutout and I already can’t see myself ever wanting anything else anymore.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 109898979
Ottimo prodotto!!! Selle sempre al top con loro non sbagli mai.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 107833414
Nice build and design. Pretty good so far riding with it.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 105048072
Perfect amount of support where ever you are on the seat. Love it!
Verified purchaser | Order code : 101678242
Ein super verarbeiteter Sattel der auch nach langen Touren keine Schmerzen bereitet. 👍
Verified purchaser | Order code : 97678492
Für mich bis jetzt der beste Sattel. Würde Ihn sofort wieder kaufen.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 97067417
Un sillín cómodo, espero que sea duradero. Un poco deslizante.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 91916842
Cushy and supportive on a fast gravel roads. Would like sligtly grippier surface with bibs treated by a waterproof layer, but thats a minor gripe.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 88159190
The Fizik Terra Argo X5 (150mm) is great quality and very good looking. Upgraded on MTB from Selle Italia Flite... great improvement in ride experience! Allthough the sadle is a bit hard, it support the right places and fits perfectly. Miss the possibility for attachment under the sadle though... But great saddle!
Verified purchaser | Order code : 86280769
La sella è molto bella e la forma è comoda. Troppo dura però, anche con fondello. Dopo 30 minuti i dolori rendono il viaggio scomodo
Verified purchaser | Order code : 81868982
Premetto che non sono ancora riuscito a farci tanti km ma le prime impressioni sono ottime! Sella ben fatta, comoda e pratica per la pulizia.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 80570744
I replaced a Specialized Romin Evo Expert saddle which was great on my road only bike with Terra Argo X5 on my Moots Routt Gravel bike and what an improvement. The Argo X5 is a lot more forgiving when riding on dirt roads and through trails with rocks and tree roots. I am able to pedal with more power seated comfortably on steep climbs and I no longer get sore tail bones after riding for 35 miles. I highly recommend this saddle for mixed road and gravel riding, Fizik did an amazing job with this saddle!
Verified purchaser | Order code : 78863177
Just got this saddle prior to a long bike tour and was super satisfied by the comfort. I used to have numbness problems after riding for a longer time with my old sattle and havent any of these problems with the Terra Argo X5 since then. Great product !
Verified purchaser | Order code : 78533823
Schöner Sattel zu einem fairen Preis. Empfehlung!
Verified purchaser | Order code : 77329129
Just the fact that the hole will allow water to drain when it comes from above, but not splash your private parts when it comes from below, is excellent. I will say that at the time of writing, I have only used this indoors on my KICKR Bike, but it has performed very well and is very comfortable. The cutout allows me to ride for extended periods in the drops, and the support and width towards the back gives great support when more upright. On paper, this saddle does everything right, and is very well thought out.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 77022341
I ride a gravel bike, and was using a WTB saddle. That was a good saddle, but I decided to see whether the Terra was better. I haven't gone on a very long ride, but in the 20-mile range, it is really very comfortable. I wish the saddle surface had just a bit of grip, but it is really very well made and very supportive.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 77051933
Top comfort and materials, and a cool aesthetics
Verified purchaser | Order code : 76093763
Very good saddle for gravel bike Comfortable
Verified purchaser | Order code : 75977994
Aun no he podido probarlo bien del todo haciendo pequeños ajustes de altura,avance,nivel pero las sensaciones fueron muy positivas. Solo una pega,me temo que el material de la cubierta que es muy agradable al tacto sufrira de cambio de apariencia (brillos) debido al roce del uso.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 74953302

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