It's time
to reflect.

As cyclists, we know what it means to be fully committed. To cross the line and enter that dark place where we make ourselves go deep: whether tucked over aero bars, teeth clenched, patiently counting each passing second; desperately hanging on to the wheel in a criterium; battling a maddening headwind in Flanders or a merciless gradient in the South of France; shaking and shivering over miles of climbing through icy rain; even continuing after a painful crash. It’s time to reflect on one essential fact: cyclists are made to be challenged.

We want to use the energy of this moment to inspire ourselves and others at home. To do this, we want to challenge everyone to share with us their experiences pursuing their cycling passion from home. In return, we would like to share some of our tips for keeping on top of your training and how to get the most out of an at-home regime. Added to that, we will share some of our favorite suggestions for watching and reading to keep you inspired and entertained.

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It's time to reflect
social challenge

Stuck at home like us and want to spice things up?
Why not show us how you're spending time?

Have you set up particularly well-composed rollers? Had time to dial in that new bar/stem combo? Read an interesting book on an adventurous journey on two wheels? We want to see it! Publish photos or IG stories of yourself making the most of your time at home using the hashtag #itstimetoreflect and @fizikofficial tags and we will add it to our online collection to inspire others to achieve their goals. Let's use the energy of the moment and make the most of this situation!


Tips and Tricks
to share

Have a look at our tips for ways to keep yourself healthy and entertained when spending time at home. Inspire yourself and others with our selection of books, films, documentaries and more!

Please note that these suggestions are in no way the result of a commercial transaction between fizik and the owner’s of said content, but purely listed for your potential enjoyment.


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