Forget smooth roads. Embrace the rough stuff with the fizik Gravel Collection. If you’re the type of cyclist that prefers big adventures off the beaten track, we’ve got comfortable, rugged, and responsive gravel cycling shoes, saddles, handlebar tape, and accessories, all ready to get rowdy far from the tarmac. The ride starts below.



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  1. Spezial Editionen
    terra atlas enrosadira fizik pink white off road shoes
    Terra Atlas Enrosadira
    So niedrig wie 169,00 €
  2. Neu
    vento proxy fizik pink off road racing cycling shoes
    Vento Proxy
    So niedrig wie 229,00 €
  3. Spezial Editionen
    Ergolace GTX PEdALED x fizik
    So niedrig wie 210,00 €
  4. terra nanuq gtx flat fizik waterproof all mountain shoes
    Terra Nanuq GTX Flat
    So niedrig wie 279,00 €
  5. terra nanuq gtx black grey waterproof all mountain shoes
    Terra Nanuq GTX
    So niedrig wie 279,00 €
  6. vento-argo-x5-fizik-1-ergonomic-off-road-saddle-regular-size
    Vento Argo X5
    So niedrig wie 109,00 €
  7. vento argo x1 fizik gravel short nose saddle large size
    Vento Argo X3
    So niedrig wie 149,00 €
  8. vento argo x1 fizik gravel short nose saddle regular size
    Vento Argo X1
    So niedrig wie 199,00 €
  9. terra ergolace gtx flat fizik white grey waterproof off road shoes
    Terra Ergolace GTX Flat
    So niedrig wie 189,00 €
  10. terra ergolace gtx fizik white grey waterproof off road shoes
    Terra Ergolace GTX
    So niedrig wie 189,00 €
  11. Ferox Carbon PNS X fizik
    Ferox Carbon PNS X fizik
    So niedrig wie 330,00 €
  12. fizik tempo aliante R5 comfortable road cycling saddle
    Tempo Aliante R5
  13. fizik aliante R3 most stable and ergonomic road endurance cycling saddle
    Tempo Aliante R3
  14. fizik tempo aliante R1 road endurance cycling saddle
    Tempo Aliante R1
    So niedrig wie 199,00 €
  15. fizik terra artica gtx gore-tex off road winter cycling shoes
    Terra Artica GTX
    So niedrig wie 259,00 €
  16. Spezial Editionen
    fizik terra atlas green splash pink gravel racing shoes
    Terra Atlas Splash
    So niedrig wie 169,00 €
    So niedrig wie 299,00 €
  18. fizik terra atlas crosscountry super grip shoes
    Terra Atlas
    So niedrig wie 159,00 €
  19. Fizik Terra Argo X1 light gravel saddle 150mm regular size
    Terra Argo X1
    So niedrig wie 199,00 €
  20. fizik terra ergolace x2 ebike emtb grey shoes
    Terra Ergolace X2 Flat
    So niedrig wie 96,75 € regulärer Preis 129,00 €
  21. fizik gravel saddle terra argo X5 regular 150mm
    Terra Argo X5
    So niedrig wie 109,00 €
  22. fizik gravel saddle terra argo X3 regular 150mm
    Terra Argo X3
    So niedrig wie 149,00 €
  23. Spezial Editionen
    terra ergolace x2 90s special edition all mountain clipless shoes
    Terra Ergolace X2 90s
    So niedrig wie 129,00 €
  24. Terra Clima X2
    Terra Clima X2
    So niedrig wie 162,59 € regulärer Preis 250,00 €
  25. terra Ergolace X2 fizik clipless all mountain shoes
    Terra Ergolace X2
    So niedrig wie 129,00 €
  26. Terra Artica X2
    Terra Artica X2
    So niedrig wie 182,00 € regulärer Preis 280,00 €
  27. best-gravel-shoes-fizik-1-terra-powerstrap-x4-light-grey-black
    Terra Powerstrap X4
    So niedrig wie 119,25 € regulärer Preis 159,00 €
  28. Vento Overcurve X3
    Vento Overcurve X3
    So niedrig wie 164,25 € regulärer Preis 219,00 €
  29. Terra X5 Suede
    Terra X5 Suede

29 Items

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Beyond a buzzword, gravel cycling has opened up a new world of exploration and competition, from weekend bikepacking trips to weeks-long ultra-endurance races across countries. The limitless possibilities that wait off the pavement offer plenty to entice cyclists from varying disciplines to escape the tarmac and traffic and head into the unexplored. Yet going off the grid (or up against the fiercest gravel competition) requires gear that is equally up to the challenge. Shop fizik gravel bike equipment for G-road ready performance and start your adventure today. With drop bars and wide tires, the gravel bike discipline combines speed and versatility, allowing riders to transition from smooth roads to singletrack and back again. No longer are long rides limited by terrain. And just like the bikes they are designed for, gravel bike shoes must also be able to adapt. What starts as rolling gravel can quickly devolve into rocky trails with fast, efficient spinning swapped for slow hike-a-bike sections. Made to go from pedal to trail with ease, fizik gravel shoes are engineered to handle whatever surprises await. After all, half the fun of gravel grinding is exploring the unknown. Starting with the soles, fizik gravel shoes come equipped with pronounced tread for off-road grip over steep terrain, slippery river crossings and more while carbon-injected outsoles put the power to the pedals. Breathable materials and micro-perforations keep feet drier and more comfortable over long rides and our multiple closure systems help riders easily find the right fit. For better grip on the gravel, fizik gravel bar tape adds padding to remove the buzz for confident bike control. Over uneven, rough and rocky surfaces, hand numbness and pain can end rides early. Specifically designed to dampen road chatter, keep going with our chunkiest off-road bar tape options. Whether exploring back roads with friends or lining up against a field of competitors, shop the fizik gravel collection and find your grind!


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