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  1. Special Edition
    fizik gravita tensor lightweight black white off road clipless shoes
    Gravita Tensor Team Edition
    As low as 189.00€
  2. Special Edition
    fizik gravita tensor lightweight black white off road flat shoes
    Gravita Tensor Flat Team Edition
    As low as 189.00€
  3. fizik shoes gravita tensor red dh armoured toe box
    Gravita Tensor
    As low as 134.25€ Regular Price 179.00€
  4. fizik gravita tensor  grey aquamarine shoes freeride flat
    Gravita Tensor Flat
    As low as 134.25€ Regular Price 179.00€
  5. fizik gravita versor black shoes freeride clipless
    Gravita Versor
    As low as 104.25€ Regular Price 139.00€
  6. fizik gravita versor grey mud shoes freeride flat
    Gravita Versor Flat
    As low as 104.25€ Regular Price 139.00€
  7. fizik 1 kit laces MTB DH shoes gravita 2021 black white
    Kit laces Gravita Tensor/Versor
    As low as 9.99€
  8. Fizik Gravita Alpaca X5 downhill saddle
    Gravita Alpaca X5
  9. gravita alpaca saddle with carrier tools kit fizik MTB
    Gravita Alpaca X5 + Alpaca Tool Carrier
    As low as 99.00€
  10. Fizik Gravita white cotton long-sleeve shirt
    Gravita Long Sleeve
    As low as 39.99€
  11. Fizik Gravita black racing long sleeve jersey
    Gravita racing jersey
    As low as 69.99€
  12. Fizik Gravita white cotton t shirt
    Gravita Tshirt
    As low as 29.99€
  13. Fizik gravita convenient secure lanyard
    Gravita lanyard
    As low as 4.99€
  14. fizik saddle bag road bike multi tools carrier
    Saddle Bag
    As low as 25.00€

14 Items

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Set Descending Direction


For adrenaline-fueled, off-road excitement, there's nothing quite like downhill mountain biking. As the most aggressive style of riding, the downhill MTB discipline demands confidence and control. From steep, technical segments to big jumps and dialled in landings, finding the right line and holding it takes skill and the right bike setup. Take your adventure to new extremes with fizik downhill MTB equipment.

Whether racing against the world's top competitors or taking the lift to the top of the park for practice, downhill riders know that even with experience, crashes happen. The best downhill equipment must be able to handle the abuse of hard hits and lap after lightning-fast lap, and the fizik line of downhill MTB saddles does just that. Starting with our Mobius closed-loop rail design, fizik saddles provide better weight distribution for a stronger connection to your seatpost, meaning that when landings fall short, or when you just fall, your saddle will survive the hit.

And while efficient pedalling is of little concern to downhill riders, control is a top priority. Think of your fizik DH saddle as a command centre between your knees, helping to guide your ride as you flow through rocky sections and work your way around tight bends and turns. To lessen the inner-thigh impact over uneven terrain, our Wingflex technology lets the saddle bend at the edges— a bonus for unrestricted pedalling when backcountry rides call.

Progressive padding and ride compliant carbon-reinforced shells round out or downhill saddles for riders who chase both adrenaline and the competition down the trail.

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