Vento Argo 00 Adaptive
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Vento Argo 00 Adaptive

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Our short-nose performance cycling racing saddle featuring 3D-printed padding for zonal cushioning comfort across the entire surface and full-carbon shell and rails to save weight without sacrificing support.
Vento Argo 00 Adaptive
As low as 399.00€
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Vento Argo 00 Adaptive
As low as 399.00€
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Fizik Adaptive 3D-printed padding has expanded to the Argo family, creating the perfect match for those who want exceptional, long-lasting comfort on a versatile platform that provides both stability and balance.

3D-printed padding

The evolution of digital 3D printing has allowed us to develop a new saddle without the constraints or limitations imposed by traditional production methods and materials. The Adaptive saddle padding is crafted by Carbon® using their revolutionary Digital Light Synthesis technology. DLS is an additive manufacturing process which uses digital ultraviolet light projection, oxygen permeable optics and programmable liquid resins to produce parts with excellent mechanical properties, resolution and surface finish.


Tailored zonal cushioning

Using Carbon technology, biomechanics and engineers have an unprecedented possibility: to design and manufacture multiple functional zones within the saddle, tuning each of them separately for specific mechanical properties. Each of these key functional zones is engineered for a distinctive cushioning and mechanical response, joined together progressively and seamlessly in the same padding. The result? A 60% reduction in peak pressure through improved weight distribution for increased comfort across the entire saddle surface.


Lab tested, road proven

The saddle is very easy to clean. Even with the filthiest road muck, gravel dust, or trail spray, all you need to do is simply hose it off with water. Whatever gets in, comes out. We’ve put it through the most severe tests, simulating accelerated weathering, UV aging and wear resistance by following strict protocols.


Argo for all roads

Our most versatile saddle shape, Argo is at home on a variety of bike and surface types. Whether rolling on smooth tarmac or navigating technical terrain, Argo is engineered to help riders find a better posture, putting them in a more planted position for greater stability and improved weight distribution. Additionally, the shorter, drop-nose design provides superior support when adopting a powerful, aerodynamic pedaling position.


Design, test, ride

To develop the ideal Adaptive comfort zones, we studied the various riding positions and pressure points of professional cyclists and amateur riders alike, both in the fizik labs and out on open roads, gravel tracks and trails. During each development phase, new iterations were carefully tested with great focus put on understanding how pressure patterns change according to different bike geometries, riding positions, and surface types.


Full Carbon

The 00 is the lightest option in our Argo range, with a lower profile 3D-printed padding combined with an incredibly stiff high-module, full-carbon shell and rails, all tuned for maximum power transfer, without compromising on comfort.


  • Adaptive: Carbon® Digital Light Synthesis™ 3D-printing technology, offering seamlessly engineered zonal cushioning
  • Argo: Versatile short-nose saddle that encourages stability and relieves pressure on sensitive areas
  • 00: A combination of a high-module, full-carbon shell and rails for maximum stiffness and minimal weight



  • Length: 265 mm
  • Width: 140 mm
  • Height at 75 mm width: 43 mm
  • Length from nose to 75mm width: 114 mm
  • Weight: 175 g
  • Rail: 7x9 mm



  • Length: 265 mm
  • Width: 150 mm
  • Height at 75 mm width: 43 mm
  • Length from nose to 75 mm width: 114 mm
  • Weight: 186 g
  • Rail: 7x9 mm


In the product description, it should state more clearly that the rail are oval, its not everybody who knows that carbon saddle are made with oval rail other than than im glad with the service and the saddle.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 192261702
Selle remarquable pour son confort et ses qualités techniques ! pleinement satisfait de ce choix
Verified purchaser | Order code : 188631502
Great saddle. Light and comfortable. Unfortunately I’m having difficulty getting it dialed in with my seat post. Not sure it will work
Verified purchaser | Order code : 183486251
The saddle quality is as expected and the overall feeling in the first couple of rides is that it feels much better than its non-adaptive version which I had before.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 183183370
Most comfortable seat ever this is my 2nd one so I have one for my road bike and one for my gravel bike!
Verified purchaser | Order code : 181497212
I loved the designed. it reminds me of the Specialized Roman Evo without the comfort.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 170602454
A fantastic saddle that feels as good at the end of a ride as it does at the beginning.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 160105079
Awesome seat extremely comfortable and great quality and design.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 160105157
Looking at the saddle, and comparing it my previous one (Fizik Antares 00 Versus EVO), I was puzzled as how to mount it. The total length isn't radically different, but the way that the rails are positioned, the Argo ends up farther back. To me, this looks odd and disproportional, but I really like how this saddle feels. I loved the Antares as well, and wouldn't have replaced it if it had been black, but I don't regret it. The Argo has no tendency to rub the inside of my thighs, and is more comfortable when I do slide forward on it.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 148565909
perfekter Sattel und echt leicht. nutze auch R1 und R3
Verified purchaser | Order code : 149226000
When I heard about this new saddle with 3D adaptive technology, I was not sure to believe it would make a difference in comfort or ride. Wow, I’m totally shocked and still shocked how awesome this saddle is. Totally comfortable, feels as if no saddle is there. Like riding on air. Makes you feel faster and more in control. I never need readjust positions. It straight on and forget about it. The key is set the proper position, height, tilt, fore etc and enjoy the ride. Shipping was extremely fast, packaging was awesome, and design is amazing. Truly worth the money and never looking back. This saddle is a winner. Vento Argo 00 adaptive 140mm . So glad I took the chance. Knowing Fizik has great return policy if I didn’t like it. Keeping this one.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 148566046
I wish 3D printed saddles were available 40 years ago. The Vento Argo 00 Adaptive is the only saddle that I have owned that is as comfortable in the last mile as it is in the first mile of a ride.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 148646025
Fahre seit Einführung auf dem Roadbike Antares Adaptive 00 und jetzt auch endlich Argo 00 Adaptive fürs Gravelbike.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 147981897
Excellent quality. Love finished product. Very comfortable.
Verified purchaser | Order code : 147702954

ROAD — Designed and engineered to perform on paved roads, from the smoothest tarmac to the most demanding pave


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