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  1. Spezial Editionen
    Vento Microtex Tacky bar tape limited-edition disruptive colourway.
    Vento Microtex 2mm Tacky 2020 Edition
  2. vento solocush tacky 2.7mm road cycling fizik bar tape dark grey
    Vento Solocush 2.7mm Tacky
    So niedrig wie 43,90 €
  3. Spezial Editionen
    fizik Terra Microtex Bondcush Tacky Les Classiques bar tape great classique nordic cycling races
    Tempo Bondcush 3mm Tacky Les Classiques
    So niedrig wie 43,90 €
  4. Vento Microtex 2mm Tacky
    Vento Microtex 2mm Tacky
    So niedrig wie 40,90 €
  5. Tempo Microtex 2mm Classic
    Tempo Microtex 2mm Classic
    So niedrig wie 23,90 €
  6. Tempo Bondcush 3mm Soft
    Tempo Bondcush 3mm Soft
    So niedrig wie 30,90 €
  7. gravel bar tape fizik terra bondcush tacky 3mm light grey
    Terra Bondcush 3mm Tacky
    So niedrig wie 43,90 €
  8. Tempo Bondcush 3mm Classic
    Tempo Bondcush 3mm Classic
    So niedrig wie 30,90 €

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Rain, sweat, dust and grime, riding with or without gloves, on days-long adventures and short, hard sprints alike—many factors can act against maintaining the right grip and level of control on drop bar bikes. With bars as the most tactile points of rider contact, finding the right finish is important. Shop fizik handlebar tape to add the perfect touch to every ride.

Being prepared for unpredictable weather starts at the bars. fizik Tacky bar tape is designed to provide riders with a non-slip point of contact for full control in any condition. Whether it's a sunny ride interrupted by rain or sweat from summer training, wet bars can be hazardous without the right bar tape finish. As the name suggests, fizik Tacky finish gives a better grip to riders spinning in every season and weather, on and off-road and with or without gloves.

With a durable, perforated leather-like texture, fizik Classic handlebar tape might look familiar at first glance, but its performance is anything but ordinary. Dress up your bars with iconic style and upgrade your grip with our classic look and finish. Available in a variety of colours and thicknesses, the smooth surface provides for smoother transitions between hand positions while the patterned perforations pull sweat and moisture away from the surface for reliable, confident control.

And with a matte finish, smooth appearance and moisture-absorbing properties, fizik Soft bar tape indulges hands with a light suede-like surface texture. Beyond feeling nice, the Soft finish handlebar tape is ideal for riders with sweaty hands or those who frequently spin in foul weather.

With varying thicknesses, colours and formulations available, fizik bar tape finishes provide one more level of control when choosing the perfect, most comfortable handlebar tape.


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