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  1. New
    fizik vento antares R5 140 black comfortable soft road cycling saddle
    Vento Antares R5
    As low as 129.99$
  2. New
    fizik vento antares R3 140 black road cycling saddle
    Vento Antares R3
    As low as 149.99$
  3. New
    fizik vento antares R1 140 high performance road cycling saddle
    Vento Antares R1
    As low as 224.99$
  4. New
    fizik vento antares 00 140 road racing saddle with full carbon shell
    Vento Antares 00
    As low as 299.99$

4 Items

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Frequently found parked next to podiums and crossing finish lines first, our Antares series of racing saddles has rightfully earned its status as a performance icon. Of course, in competition, you’re only ever as good as your next victory, which is why we’ve been hard at work to produce a new generation of Antares saddles. Meet your seat at the winner’s circle.

With a wider nose and generous central cut-out, riders can make use of our new Antares saddles’ entire surface, from flat-out efforts on level terrain or when tackling steep climbs at speed. Four performance levels mean there’s a right Antares for every individual cyclist. The winner’s circle is in sight. Are you ready to take your seat?


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