Channelled Saddles

Channelled Saddles

Channelled Saddles


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  1. road cycling saddle 3d printed fizik antares versus evo 00 adaptive
    Antares Versus Evo 00 Adaptive
    As low as 399.99$
  2. fizik adaptive black Antares Versus Evo R1 Adaptive 3d printed saddle
    Antares Versus Evo R1 Adaptive
  3. fizik road bike 3d printed kium saddle Antares Versus Evo R3 Adaptive
    Antares Versus Evo R3 Adaptive
    As low as 259.99$
  4. Antares R3 Versus Evo
    Antares R3 Versus Evo
    As low as 149.99$
  5. Antares R1 Versus Evo
    Antares R1 Versus Evo
    As low as 199.99$
  6. Antares 00 Versus Evo
    Antares 00 Versus Evo
    As low as 299.99$

6 Items

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Rider height, weight, terrain type, arm length, leg length, riding position—there are many factors that must be considered when choosing the right bike for any individual cyclist. The wrong fit will result in a bad ride, and the same holds true for bicycle saddle selection. Length, width, profile, density and saddle surface all play their parts in determining the best bike saddle for differing body types.

For riders in search of better pressure relief along the entire length of the saddle, the fizik channeled saddle collection is a great place to start. The channeled saddle design is the most modern take on pedaling comfort to come forward in recent years. Much like the more-traditional cut-out saddle surface, channeled saddles aim to aid in pressure relief for many cyclists’ most sensitive point of contact. However, unlike cut-out saddles, which feature a single, central relief, channeled saddles are built with raised padding on both sides of the upper surface with a central relief that runs the entire length of the saddle, allowing riders to sit anywhere, from nose to tail, while still enjoying the same level of comfort.

Choose between padding options, including our proprietary type-2 foam and innovative 3-D printed Adaptive padding, select rail material, saddle shell, shape and size and ride. The fizik collection of channeled cycling saddles couple all-day comfort with race-ready performance and some of the lightest, most advanced materials on earth, for those taking their first ride or climbing to the top of the podium. Find the right level of relief with channeled saddles from fizik.


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